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    3/16 in. Diameter 0.126 to 0.25 in. Grip Steel Rivet

    This item can only be purchased in multiples of 25


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    These blind steel rivets are a perfect, strong choice for creating frames when using our 1in. Gussets paired with up to .125" wall aluminum tubing. These steel rivets won't let you down when you need them most!


    • Diameter: 3/16 in.
    • Drill Size For Hole: #11
    • Finish: Zinc
    • Grip Range: 0.126-0.25 in.
    • Head: Buttonhead
    • Hole Size: 0.192-0.196 in.
    • Length: 0.45 in.
    • Mandrel Material: Steel
    • Material: Steel
    • Rivet Style: Blind
    • Weight: 0.0094
    MFR Part #: am-1226
    This product has a minimum quantity of 25
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    10-32 Nylock Nut

    (In stock)

    This item can only be purchased in multiples of 25



    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc Plated
    • Thread: #10-32
    • Thickness: 0.249"
    • Thread: Fine
    • Thread Size: 32
    • Type: Nylon Insert Lock Nut
    • Wrench Size: 3/8"

    10-32 x 0.5 in. Socket Head Cap Screw


    This item can only be purchased in multiples of 25


    #10-32 x 0.5 in. long Socket Head Cap Screw



    • Finish: Zinc
    • Head: Socket Cap
    • Length: 0.5 in.
    • Material: Steel
    • Thread: 10-32
    • Weight: 0.1 lbs

    #10-32 x 1.5" SHCS - Min 25

    (In stock)


    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: #10-32
    • Length: 1-1/2 inch
    • Head: Socket Head Cap Screw

    10-32 Nylock Jam Nut

    (275 In stock)

    Must be ordered in mulitples of 25


    1/4-20 x 0.5" BHCS - Min 25

    (775 In stock)


    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: 1/4-20
    • Length: 1/2"
    • Head: Button Head Cap Screw

    90 Degree Gusset

    (In stock)

    We are pleased to offer these new gussets that are suitable for 1" based building systems. These thoughtfully designed gussets are made from 1/8" thick 6061-T6 aluminum, which is a much stronger material than other 0.09" 5052 gussets. All of these framing gussets feature a 1" linear hole pattern, with holes suitable for either #10 screws or 3/16" rivets.


    On all of the angle gussets, a generous radius was used on the inside corner for maximum strength. The various angle gussets, along with the quad and tee gusset are used together to create structures and sub-assemblies for your robot. Our bearing and Sport gussets are perfect building blocks to create a massive variety of mechanisms and assemblies to suit your needs.



    • Hole Pattern: Plates feature 0.20 in. Holes on a 1 in. Center to Center Spacing
    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Thickness: 0.125 in



    Layout Print(s)

    am-3860 90 Gusset REV2.PDF

    am-4158 1IN Tee Gusset.PDF

    am-4159 1IN Quad Gusset.PDF

    am-4160 1IN 30deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4161 1in 45deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4162 1in 60deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4163 1in 120deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4164 1in 135deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4165 1in 150deg Gusset.PDF

    am-4166 1IN Sport Double Bearing Mount.PDF

    am-4167 1IN 57Sport Side Mount Gusset.PDF

    am-4168 1IN Bearing Side Mount Gusset.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3860 90 Gusset REV2.STEP

    am-4158 1IN Tee Gusset.STEP

    am-4159 1IN Quad Gusset.STEP

    am-4160 1IN 30deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4161 1in 45deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4162 1in 60deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4163 1in 120deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4164 1in 135deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4165 1in 150deg Gusset.STEP

    am-4166 1IN Sport Double Bearing Mount.STEP

    am-4167 1IN 57Sport Side Mount Gusset.STEP

    am-4168 1IN Bearing Side Mount Gusset.STEP