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    5/8 in. ID, 7/8 in. OD Black Surgical Tubing - 10 Feet

    This Surgical Tubing is most often used in robotics to create custom rollers, such as the AndyMark Tube Roller. This stretchy rubber latex tubing has so many more uses though! This black wonder material is a must-have for griping game elements when paired with our Aluminum Hex Spacer Stock.

    Choose between 3 feet and 10 feet lengths.

    To install this grippy tubing on Hex Spacer Extrusion use hand sanitizer or soapy water to lubricate the aluminum, then slide the tubing over and wait for the lubricant to evaporate. You can then power the assembly with a 1/2" hex shaft to intake game pieces or move them around inside your robot. 



    • Inside Diameter: 0.625 in.
    • Wall Thickness: 0.125 in.
    MFR Part #: am-4656-10
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    3/8-16 Nylock Nut

    (In stock)


    • Material: Steel, zinc plate
    • Hex Width: 9/16 in.
    • Thickness: 0.45 in.
    • Weight: 0.018 pounds

    10-32 x 0.75 in. Socket Head Cap Screw - Min 25

    (In stock)



    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc Plated
    • Thread: 10-32
    • Length: 3/4"
    • Head: Socket Head Cap Screw

    10-32 x 0.5 in. Socket Head Cap Screw


    This item can only be purchased in multiples of 25


    #10-32 x 0.5 in. long Socket Head Cap Screw



    • Finish: Zinc
    • Head: Socket Cap
    • Length: 0.5 in.
    • Material: Steel
    • Thread: 10-32
    • Weight: 0.1 lbs

    3/8 in. Flat Washer


    Washers are typically used distribute a fastener load over a wider area so components that are being held together are not damaged. This washer has a 0.406 inch inside diameter, 0.812 inch outside diameter, and 0.06 inch thickness.



    • Finish: Zinc
    • Inside Diameter: 0.406 in.
    • Material: Steel
    • Outside Diameter: 0.812 in.
    • Thickness: 0.062 in.

    3/8-16 x 3.5" Hex Bolt

    (In stock)

    3/8-16 x 3.5 inch long Hex Head Bolt 


    • Material: steel, with zinc plating
    • Length: 3.5 inches under the head
    • Thread: 3/8-16
    • Hex width: 9/16 inch
    • Weight: 0.116 pounds
    • Grade 5

    Bearing, 1/2 inch Hex Bore, Flanged, (FR8ZZ-HexHD)

    (38 In stock)

    This is a Heavy Duty Hex Bearing which outperforms our previous 1/2" Hex Bearings as it has a Heavy Duty Inner Race. This FR8ZZ-HexHD bearing, 1/2" hex bore, flanged, heavy duty inner race, shielded ball bearing, has an inner race that is thicker and stronger than our recent offering of a similar bearing (am-0279). This bearing has more material between the corners of the hex bore and the edge of the race making it stronger and much less likely to crack under high load.

    This bearing is guaranteed to have a stronger, thicker race. 100% of these bearings have been quality checked for a smooth fit over 1/2" hex stock here at AndyMark. Many of our long-time customers will recognize this bearing, as it is the same version we sold back in 2008-2011, and we did not have any failures. Now, it is renamed and quality checked for your high load needs - including drive chassis with cantilevered wheels.


    • Inside diameter: 0.500-0.502 inch hex bore
    • Outside diameter: 1.125 inch
    • Flange thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall thickness: 0.312 inch
    • Weight: 0.05 pound