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    Climber in a Box Winch Spool Pulley 1 Stage

    This spool is used in the Climber in a Box Winch Kit. It's used with 10 feet of Rope to create a strong elevator or winch system. 


    • Bore: 0.5 in. Hex
    • Ridge Diameter: 1.63 in.
    • Spool Diameter: 0.787 in.


    CAD File(s)

    am-4647_2000 Full Winch Spool For 2 in. Box Tube.STEP

    am-4647_1500 Full Winch Spool For 1.5 in. Box Tube.STEP

    Layout Print(s)

    am-4647_1500 Climber in a Box 1 Stage Winch Spool.pdf

    am-4647_2000 Climber in a Box 2 Stage Winch Spool.pdf

    MFR Part #: am-4647_1500
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    #10-32 x 0.625" SHCS - Min 25

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    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: 10-32
    • Length: 5/8 inch
    • Head: Socket Head Cap Screw
    • Yellow Nylon Thread Lock Patch

    10-32 x 0.75 in. Socket Head Cap Screw - Min 25

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    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc Plated
    • Thread: 10-32
    • Length: 3/4"
    • Head: Socket Head Cap Screw

    1/4-20 x 0.5" BHCS - Min 25

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    • Material: Steel
    • Coating: Zinc plated
    • Thread: 1/4-20
    • Length: 1/2"
    • Head: Button Head Cap Screw

    2.25 inch Compliant Wheel, 1/2 Inch Hex, 40A Durometer, Orange

    (In stock)

    Compliant wheels are not intended for moving robots, but moving objects. Compliant wheels give way to allow rigid objects to be manipulated easily. A line of multiple wheels on a driven hex axle creates a very effective roller that ignores variations in the objects being driven. This makes for high-performance intakes and internal conveyors.

    Different durometer ratings give each wheel unique characteristics. Green wheels (35A durometer) are the softest and most compliant around objects, maroon (45A), blue (50A), and black (60A) wheels are increasingly firm. The increased firmness also allows the latter wheels to carry a higher RPM rating. Check out the downloads tab for a chart showing wheels and their maximum RPM.




    • Bore: 0.375 in. Hex, 0.50 in. Hex, 5 mm Hex
    • Core Material: Polycarbonate
    • Diameter: 2.25 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), 40A (Orange), 50A (Blue), 60A (Black)
    • Tread Material: TPU
    • Weight: 0.08 lbs
    • Width: 1 in.




    Layout Print(s)

    am-3949 2.25IN 500Hex HD Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3950 2.25IN 375Hex HD Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-4536 2.25in HD 5mm Hex Molded Compliant Wheel.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3949 2.25IN 500Hex HD Compliant Wheel.STEP

    am-3950 2.25IN 375Hex HD Compliant Wheel.STEP

    am-4536 2IN OverMolded 5mm Hex Compliant Wheel.STEP

    2x2x14mm Machine Key

    (In stock)

    Machine Key, steel 

    Fits in 2.5" CIM Motor shafts. 


    • Width: 2mm (0.078 inch)
    • Length: 14mm (0.552 inch)
    • Weight: 0.001 Pounds

    1 in. 8 mm to 1/2 in. Hex Shaft Adapter

    (In stock)

    This adapter converts an 8 mm keyed shaft to 1/2 in. hex. The keyway is 2 mm wide. This allows you to adapt the output of a motor or gearbox like the CIM Motor (am-0255) to any of our hubs or wheels with a 1/2 in. hex bore. You'll need a 2 mm machine key (am-1121) to complete the assembly and transmit torque from the motor. 


    This adapter is no longer available in the 0.75 in. length.



    • Bore: 8 mm Round
    • Keyway Width: 2 mm
    • Length: 0.5 in., 1 in.
    • Material: Steel
    • Weight: 0.03 lbs
    • Width: 0.497 - 0.499 in.