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    2x9 Bracket for AM14U3 and AM14U2

    (In stock)

    This bracket is used to provide a wider spacing on the AM14U2 and AM14U3 chassis. Use this bracket to space out inner and outer plates to accommodate wider wheel profiles on your AM14U Family chassis.


    • Weight: 0.106
    • Width: 1.75"
    • Height: 0.625"
    • Length: 4.25"
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Material Thickness: 0.125"

    AM14U Family End Plate

    (In stock)

    This sheet metal plate makes up the end plate of the AM14U family of chassis. This plate captures the Inner and Outer plates and provides a surface to mount upper structures.


    • Depth: 0.13 in.
    • Flange Depth: 1.375 in.,2.125 in.
    • Height: 3.34 in.
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Overall Length: 31 in.
    • Weight: 2.3 lbs

    AM14U Family Frame Opening Kit

    (In stock)

    This kit contains the brackets and screws needed to create a frame opening between the inner plates of the AM14U family chassis.

    Parts included:

    • 1 AM14U4 Cross Plate(am-3974)
    • 2 2x3 Hole Bracket(am-2954)
    • 14 Screw, SHCS 10-32 x 1/2"(am-1002)
    • 14 10-32 Nylock Nut(am-1042)

    AM14U Family L-Mount Bracket


    This bracket allows for more mounting options and placement on the AM14U Family drive-base.


    • Weight: 0.17 Pounds
    • Width: 4"
    • Height: 3.31"
    • Depth: 0.688"
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Material Thickness: 0.125

    AM14U Family Upgrade Kit, #35 Chain Replacement

    ( 0 In stock)

    This upgrade package includes all the parts needed to replace the belt with #35 Chain in the AM14U Family of Chassis.
    This Kit includes #35 Chain, Sprockets, and hardware needed to replace the belts and pulleys with #35 Chain and sprockets.

    Parts included:

    • 20ft - #35 Chain (am-0370)
    • Four - Master Links (am-0371)
    • Eight - S35-22-L Sprockets (am-0216)
    • Two - 500EX Hex Hub (am-2568)
    • Mounting Hardware and Spacers Needed for Assembly

    AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Bottom Plate

    (In stock)

    This sheet metal part forms the bottom tray that supports the weight of the battery in the AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Kit (am-3964). It has a tab at the bottom that prevents the battery from shifting.


    • Depth: 0.13 in.
    • Height: 2.056 in.
    • Length: 7.00 in.
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Width: 6.00 in.

    AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount C Plate

    (In stock)

    This is the upper sheet metal part for the AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount (am-3964). It surrounds the battery and has a tab to bolt either the SB120 or SB50 robot side battery connector.


    • Height: 2.00 in.
    • Length: 5.41 in.
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Width: 4.22 in.

    AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Strap

    (In stock)

    This strap is used to secure the battery in place when using the AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Kit (am-3964a).



    AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Strap Clamp

    (In stock)


    • Depth: 0.13 in.
    • Length: 2.50 in.
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Width: 0.50 in.

    AM14U Family XL End Plate

    (In stock)

    This sheet metal plate makes up the end plate of the AM14U family of drive chassis. This plate captures the Inner and Outer plate and provides a surface to mount upper structures.


    • Height: 3.33"
    • Length: 38.0"
    • Thickness: 0.125"
    • Hole Size: 0.210"
    • Upper Hole Pattern: Two rows 1.0" apart, 0.5" between holes in each row.
    • Upper Flange Length: 2.125"
    • Lower Hole Pattern: 0.5" Spacing
    • Lower Flange Length: 1.375"
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum

    AM14U Family XL Frame Opening Kit

    (In stock)

    The am-14U4-FROXL kit contains the brackets and screws needed to create a larger frame opening between the inner plates of the AM14U family of chassis. This version includes longer sheet metal components as compared to our standard AM14U4 Frame Opening Kit.

    In order to get the two pieces shown in the bottom left portion of the assembly picture above, simply cut the End Sheet (am-2953a), provided in the AM14U4 kit, not included here) into two 8-inch long pieces.

    Parts included:

    • 1 - AM14U Family XL End Plate (am-3513)
    • 1 - AM14U4 XL Cross Plate (am-3975)
    • 2 - 2x3 Bracket (am-2954)
    • 14 - 10-32 Nylock Nut - Bulk Qty (am-1042)
    • 14 - #10-32 x 1/2" SHCS (am-1002)

    AM14U4 - 6 Wheel Drop Center Robot Drive Base - FIRST Kit of Parts Chassis

    (In stock)

    Product Overview


    A large format, infinitely configurable platform is designed and built with performance in mind. You are getting a drive chassis that has three main configurations (Long, Square & Wide) just as it's starting options. The drop center wheel allows for smoother turning ability, while maintaining stability.

    Perfect for prototyping robotic applications as well as being part of the final design!


    The fourth major upgrade to this chassis with many more minor revisions. Our AM14U family of products have built upon the lessons learned since the first AM14U was designed in 2013.  And it was a major upgrade to the C-base chassis that was part of the FIRST Kit of Parts since 2009.

    This is the "AM" - "ONE" - "FOR" - "YOU"!

    This product ships as an un-assembled kit. It features HiGrip WheelsToughbox Mini Gearboxes, and a Gates HTD Belts.


    Shipping Box Size: 7 in. x 7 in. x 34 in.

    Assembly is required and Cutting is required for anything smaller than a 32.3 in. x 31 in.frame. See the Assembly Videos below.

    If this chassis is being used for the FIRST Robotics Competition, please consider the robot perimeter rules and size this chassis accordingly. The manual helps clearly show where to make cuts for different sizes, you can adapt your cuts to fit as needed.

    NOTE: This chassis DOES NOT include the following as there are many options for each case:

    Various Frame Size Configurations:

    Built on the same great features of previous AM14U family chassis, this can be configured into many different perimeter, wheel, and gearbox configurations. There are literally thousands of possible playing configurations.

    • Smallest Frame size: 24.3 in. x 27 in.
    • Largest Frame size: 32.3 in. x 31 in.

    It is shipped as a Kit with plates that can build its large square configuration, without any components reduced in length. This makes it the largest possible size and allows for the user to trim the length and width of the chassis to become a long or wide version that fits into different the size constraints of each specific year. The assembly instructions show how it can be changed, be sure to check out the assembly videos as well.

    Multiple Wheel And Build Configuration Options:

    For even more wheel and build configurations, check out our AM14U4 upgrade kits.

    Encoder Options:

    The AM14U4 does not include encoders. The Toughbox Mini gearboxes included in the AM14U4 ship with a non-magnetic output shaft (am-2566a_K19) with a pre-installed 1/4" diameter steel dowel that is compatible with the US Digital E4T Encoder (am-3132). Teams also have the option of purchasing output shaft(s) that have a pre-installed magnet (am-2566a) that is compatible with the SRX Magnetic Encoder without magnet (am-3445_encoder). In order to use this encoder on the Toughbox Mini, our SRX Magnetic Encoder Mounting Hardware Kit (am-3565) must be used to mount each encoder.

    Assembly Video Guides

    Youtube Video Series AM14U4 Assembly

    Components in this Bundle:

    Control Options:

    To control this drive, you will need a power and control system like theElectronic Bundles kit, robo-RIO, Spark Max, 4 CIM motors, and PDP (BCRX4CP). Many options available!

    The chassis requires a minimum of twoCIM style motors (am-0255), but we recommend four CIMs to be competitive in situations like heavy robots, high traction, and pushing match situations that put a lot of load on the motors. You will also need at least one battery. We recommend the 2 Pack of Interstate Batteries (am-3062), and the 3 Bank 6 Amp Dual Pro RS3 Charger (am-2026). There are many options available here as well, take your pick!


    • Center Drop Distance: 0.140 in. for Long Configuration, 0.07 in. for Wide Configuration
    • Ratio: 10.75:1
    • Weight: 25 lbs

    AM14U4 2021 Bumper Brackets and Fasteners Kit

    (In stock)

    This is a kit of all the bumper hardware and bracketry needed to mount bumpers to an AM14U4 chassis in accordance with the 2020 & 2021 FRC bumper rules. If using this kit you will need to supply the wood, pool noodles, and fabric to make a complete set of bumpers. 




    2020 AM14U4 Bumper Attachment_small.pdf

    Don't see what you need?


    AM14U4 Cross Plate

    (In stock)

    The cross bracket is used to strengthen the AM14U4 frame to accomodate for a opening in the front or back of the chassis frame.


    • Height: 2.935"
    • Length: 24"
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Overall Width: 2.5"
    • Thickness: 0.125"
    • Weight: 1.35 lbs

    AM14U4 Cross Plate XL

    (In stock)

    The cross plate is used to strengthen AM14U family frames to accommodate for an extra large opening in the front or back of the chassis frame. This cross bar can be cut down on either end and features a hole sized for a bearing in the center of the plate for use with an H-Drive or other custom additions.



    • Height: 2.935"
    • Hole Size: 0.210"
    • Length: 31.0"
    • Lower Flange Length: 0.75"
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Overall Depth: 2.5"
    • Thickness: 0.125"
    • Upper Flange Length: 1.625"

    AM14U4 EVO Mounting Kit

    (In stock)

    This simple kit helps you to attach a pair of EVO gearboxes to any AM14U Family chassis. 

    Parts Include:

    • 2 - 500Hex Spacer, 0.250in (am-3948-250)
    • 8 - 10-32 x 0.750 SHCS (am-1047)
    • 8 - 10-32 Nylock Nut (am-1042)