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    Why is Mobile Robotics in Education Important?

    Why is Mobile Robotics in Education Important?

    Leveraging robotics in education is a powerful tool for teaching STE(A)M concepts and preparing students with invaluable skills. Mobile robotics is increasingly important in the world we live in. In this article, we talk briefly about mobile robots and their importance for education. We will also share some solutions and resources you can use to bring robotics to your classroom.

    To begin, a simple definition of a mobile robot is "an automatic machine capable of locomotion"*. Mobile robots can be autonomous or guided, but they differentiate themselves with their ability to move in comparison to other robots that are predominantly stationary, like those used in industrial settings. Intelligent robots, autonomous intelligent robots, and AMR (autonomous mobile robots) are other terms that refer to mobile robots. These robots rely on sensors, motors, and controllers. To make movement possible they typically have wheels, tracks, or legs.

    Benefits of Mobile Robotics in Education

    Mobile Robotics in EducationOne huge advantage of teaching mobile robotics is simply that students love it. This hands-on approach to STEM learning is engaging and provides an understanding of the real-world applications of technology. Students build confidence and knowledge by solving complex problems, creating and fixing robots, working as a team, and using computers and tools. The skills they develop prepare them for successful futures. These students develop an understanding of robotics and programming. Other crucial skills they build include teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, resilience, technical expertise, computational thinking, and analytical reasoning. All these key skills will serve them well in the job market.

    If world technology is to evolve, we need people who possess the skills to do so. It is a way to stay competitive in a world of ever-advancing technology. This is crucial not only for students but also for the grander world industry and economy. A workforce that is adaptable and skilled is needed to meet the needs of rapidly advancing technology. This massively growing area impacts a variety of industries. Yes, you would expect the manufacturing industry to use mobile robots, but did you know they are heavily in healthcare aerospace, mining, security, distribution, space & ocean exploration, and agriculture? Mobile robotics can provide increased safety, improve efficiencies, create cost savings, and improve quality control. All invaluable things for a competitive workforce and strong economic growth. Studica Robotics Building Platform

    Robot Solutions for the Classroom

    Using the Studica platform, you can make a more professional, intelligent, and adaptable robot. Studica Robotics is a complete building system that provides structural, electrical, and motion components. Perfect for teaching robotics and programming, this powerful building system can also be used for research and teaching autonomous mobile robotics (AMR), self-driving technology, and automation. Choose only the robot parts you need or select a robotics kit (such as the popular Classroom Robotics Kit) that includes our most popular selection of parts.

    Classroom Robotics Kit Classroom Robotics Kit

    This Classroom Robotics Kit includes a variety of parts that your students can use to create a robot. This kit is ideal for preparing for competitions and teaching coding and robotics concepts. This classroom robotics set includes a variety of parts that your students can use to create a robot. These robots can be used for competitions like the FIRST Tech Challenge. If your team aspires to take part in FTC but hasn't started yet, this is an excellent solution for getting up to speed and practicing.

    Studica Robotics Supports Education Studica Robotics gives you everything you need to design, simulate, and build robots including training materials, software libraries, and sample robot designs. 3D CAD files of all our robot parts which can be used with any 3D design software are available. Technical support and online training sessions can be made available. A Global Partner for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition, Studica Robotics has a reputation for technical expertise. As an innovator, Studica Robotics is committed to supporting the needs of the education and robotics competition communities. We are always looking to improve and expand our offerings. We can help you build your own custom kits, teach robotics, and prepare for competitions. Please feel free to contact Studica if we can provide assistance.

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