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    Slick Nylon Washers

    Use these lightweight, naturally slick nylon washers to try to get that little bit of extra speed from your dragsters. 1/8" inside diameter.

    MFR Part #: 53367


    • Size: 1/8" inside diameter
    • Quantity: pkg of 100
    • Material: Nylon
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    • Size: 1/8" inside diameter
    • Quantity: pkg of 100
    • Material: Nylon
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    Basswood Body Blanks Size: 12" x 1-5/8" x 2-3/4"

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    Nitro Wheels - (100)


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    Along with the hub design, the Super C uses an exclusive snap-on rubber ring, manufactured for your CO2 dragsters! Use these wheels for the front of your dragster, along with the Nitro Chrome rear wheels, and you will have one sweet dragster!

    Tires and hubs are shipped unassembled.