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    6mm D-Bore Double Boss Nub w/Set Screw

    Upgrades to Nubs:
    We are making improvements to the entire Nub line, including moving from the original machined design to one that is extruded and accepts screws more easily. Both kinds of Nubs will work fine, and you'll see the new-style Nubs (which you can identify by the open gaps between the screw holes and the edge of the Nub) as we exhaust supplies of the original Nubs.

    Product Overview:
    The nub is a series of hubs intended to connect motion components to spinning shafts, like sprockets gears, pulleys and wheels. It supports the output shaft of the AndyMark NeveRest motors as well as the other motors on the market. It supports the AndyMark 6mm D shafts for robust motion systems and impeccable torque transfer.

    The four mounting holes on these nubs are sized at 0.128" diameter, with the intention of accepting a #6-32 threaded screw. They are not tapped, but can be tapped by most machine screws due to this diameter.

    Nub Specifications:

    • Length: 0.625"
    • Height: 0.625"
    • Material: 6105-T5 Aluminum
    • D-Bore: 6mm-D
    • Round Bore: 6mm
    • Single Boss Overall Depth: 10mm
    • Double Boss Overall Depth: 13mm
    • XL Double Boss Overall Depth: 22mm
    • Set Screw: Holes sized for 10-32 Set Screw (Set Screw Included)
    • Hole pattern: Four holes for 6-32 screws on a 16mm bolt circle
    # Pièce: am-3215a
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