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    Acrylic Paint (16 Pack)

    This water-soluble, opaque acrylic paint brushes easily and covers rapidly. It cleans up easily with water but is permanent when dry. Its convenient thinning and fast-drying characteristics make it particularly desirable for wood, metal, paper, or canvas. Contains 16 two-ounce bottles.

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    All-Purpose Art Brushes

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    This set of 50 all-purpose art brushes includes assorted sizes and styles such as round, flat, and angular brush heads. Sizes include #2, #6, and #8 brush heads. Brushes can be used with oils, watercolors, and acrylic paints.

    CO2 Dragsters 50-Pack Basswood


    Bring thrill to your classroom or competition with CO2 dragsters! Dragsters are an exciting method to teach the design process. Students design a prototype and then produce an actual CO2-powered dragster and race it!


    Kits and packs are available in Fusion, balsa wood, and basswood. All three blanks are officially approved by the Technology Student Association (TSA) for use in CO2 dragster competition!


    Storage boxes are included in single kits but are sold separately for 50-packs.


    Our illustrated, self-directed student workbook holds the students’ attention as they learn step-by-step automotive-design processes, incorporating both English and Metric measurement. The CO2 Dragster User Guide is available for print here, or you can download a digital copy for free here.


    NOTE: This kit is a replacement of the Metric and LSRAV Dragster packs.

    Pitsco Dragster Paint Stand


    Pitsco Dragster Paint Stand is perfect for holding your dragster during the painting process. The dragster is suspended by the cartridge hole. Once secured on the stand, the dragster can also be rotated to paint all sides. Special plastic material enables the wet paint to be wiped off the stand.

    Dimensions: approximately 8" long x 3-1/2" high