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    Bearing and Motor Mount Bracket

    This simple bracket handles so many of your mounting needs! Mount motors or gearboxes anywhere and make axle supports with bearings - it's a do-it-all, put-it-anywhere bearing and motor mount bracket.


    Any motor or gearbox with a 2-inch diameter bolt circle can be mounted in this bracket. The center hole is sized to hold a standard 1.125 inch outside diameter bearing.


    Examples of motors with a 2 in. diameter bolt circle:


    • 2.5 in. CIM Motor
    • NEO Brushless Motor


    Examples of gearboxes with a 2 in. diameter bolt circle


    • PG Series Gearboxes
    • 57 Sport Gearbox
    • CIM Sport Gearbox
    • Falcon Sport Gearbox
    • DeCIMate Gearbox




    • Depth: 1 in.
    • Height: 2.679 in.
    • Length: 3.5 in.
    • Material: 5052 Aluminum
    • Thickness: 0.13 in.
    • Weight: 0.104 lbs




    Layout Print(s)

    am-4244 1IN Pitch Bent Motor and Bearing Bracket REV2.PDF


    CAD File(s)

    am-4244 1IN Bent Bearing Side Mount Gusset.STEP

    # Pièce: am-4244
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    1/2" External Retaining Ring

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    1/2 inch external retaining ring, used in the RAW Box. 


    • Material: Steel
    • For Shaft Diameter: 1/2"
    • Thickness: 0.031"
    • Type: External Retaining Ring
    • Free Inside Diameter: 0.456"
    • Plier Hole Diameter: 0.40"
    • Weight: 0.002 pounds

    Light Weight Shaft Hub

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    The Studica Light Weight Shaft Hub is used with the 6mm D shafts. It has a 5mm set screw for tight clamping and seven M3 tapped mounting holes.


    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • 6mm D Shaft ID
    • M3 tapped hole pattern for connecting to structure
    • Step File

    Entrapption Star .5 Inch Hex Shaft

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    Our Entrapption Stars have two bore options, making them viable parts for both FRC and FTC! This product is frequently used as intake wheels for picking up game pieces. Made from silicone, they are flexible, yet firm, allowing for the ability to pick up objects of irregular shape.

    The 1/2 in. Hex Bore option is designed to be an interference fit on any 0.5 in. Hex Shaft.  This means the bore is actually 0.425 in. and it will be a tight press on, but keep the entrapption star from rotating.

    0.5 in. Hex Bore Split Collar Clamp

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    This aluminum clamp-on shaft collar has a 0.5 in. hex bore. A 8-32 x 0.5 in. socket head cap screw allows for adjustment.




    • Inside Diameter: 0.5 in. Hex
    • Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
    • Outside Diameter: 1.24 in.
    • Thickness: 0.375 in.
    • Weight: 0.063 lbs

    Enhanced Wheel Hub Kit

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    Used with Studica Omni and Mecanum wheels for a strong axel hold.


    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Color: Blue
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    Motor Mount Plate

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    The Motor Mount Plate is used with the Maverick 12V DC Gear Motor  (Part# 75001) to attach it inside the anyone of the U Channels 76010 to 76018. This is an example of a chassis with 4 motors mounted inside the U-Channel using a Motor Mounting Plate.