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    0.50 in. Hex and Keyed Shaft Coupling

    ( 8 En stock)

    Whether you have shafts that are too short or shafts of different types, this coupling will solve every component connection issue you've had! Need to combine multiple hex shafts, multiple 1/2-inch keyed shafts, or convert between hex and keyed? This coupling solves all at a better price than anyone else can offer!

    Shaft Compatability

    This coupling has geometry to capture 0.50-inch hex shafts with an inside hex of 0.51 to 0.52 inches as well as 0.5 inch keyed shafts with a 1/8th inch keyway with a keyway width of 0.128 inches to 0.131 inches.

    Axle Shaft Couplers pkg of 2


    Axle Shaft Couplers make an extended axle without a hitch. Just use it to connect two axle shafts together.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum

    Shaft Coupling 6mm ID, 12mm OD (2 pack)

    ( 745 En stock)

    Can be used with 6mm D-Shaft Axel and 6mm shaft DC motor. 



    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Inside Diameter: 6mm
    • Outside Diameter: 12mm
    • Step File

    Tetrix Max Motor/Axle Shaft Couplers pkg of 2


    TETRIX MAX Motor/Axle Shaft Couplers connects motor and axle shafts with ease. One side fits the motor shaft, while the other side fits the axle shaft.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum

    Tetrix Max Tubing Couplers pkg of 2


    TETRIX MAX Tubing Couplers easily connects two TETRIX Tubes end to end to create extra-long components.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum