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    0.50 in. Hex and Keyed Shaft Coupling

    (20 En stock)

    Whether you have shafts that are too short or shafts of different types, this coupling will solve every component connection issue you've had! Need to combine multiple hex shafts, multiple 1/2-inch keyed shafts, or convert between hex and keyed? This coupling solves all at a better price than anyone else can offer!

    Shaft Compatability

    This coupling has geometry to capture 0.50-inch hex shafts with an inside hex of 0.51 to 0.52 inches as well as 0.5 inch keyed shafts with a 1/8th inch keyway with a keyway width of 0.128 inches to 0.131 inches.

    Axle Shaft Couplers pkg of 2


    Axle Shaft Couplers make an extended axle without a hitch. Just use it to connect two axle shafts together.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum

    Shaft Coupling 6mm ID, 12mm OD (2 pack)

    (781 En stock)

    Can be used with 6mm D-Shaft Axel and 6mm shaft DC motor. 



    • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Inside Diameter: 6mm
    • Outside Diameter: 12mm
    • Step File

    Tetrix Max Motor/Axle Shaft Couplers pkg of 2


    TETRIX MAX Motor/Axle Shaft Couplers connects motor and axle shafts with ease. One side fits the motor shaft, while the other side fits the axle shaft.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum

    Tetrix Max Tubing Couplers pkg of 2


    TETRIX MAX Tubing Couplers easily connects two TETRIX Tubes end to end to create extra-long components.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum