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    Infant Choking Baby Manikin

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    5 Baby Mobile Storage and Charging Case

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    Secure, portable soft-sided case for up to five RealCare Baby infant simulators and supplies.

    Charging Station (5 Baby)

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    (En stock)

    The device allows you to charge up to 5 RealCare Baby  at once from a single outlet.

    Fetal Development Kit

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    (En stock)

    With the Fetal Development Kit, students get an in-depth look at embryo and fetal development. Students can touch, feel and examine a detailed, life-size model of each fetal development stage.  Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience.

    RealCare Baby® Detection Kit – Single

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    The detection kit attaches to a car seat and interacts with RealCare Baby® 3. This pair of electronic sensors allows instructors to record the amount of time spent in the car seat.

    RealCare® Pregnancy Profile Sim 1 Pack

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    Pregnancy Profile Vest simulates the experience of being nine-months pregnant. The RealCare Pregnancy Profile replicates many of the physical effects of pregnancy, including 25-30 pound weight gain, raised body temperature, bladder pressure, fetal kicking and so much more. Combine with its accompanied curriculum, students will learn and discuss the physical, emotional and social impacts of pregnancy. This vest is a one-size-fits-most with adjustable straps. This is a great, experiential learning tool for prenatal classes, child development education and general health courses.

    RealCare™ Shaken Baby

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    The RealCare™ Shaken Baby simulator dramatically depicts the effects to an infant’s brain from just a few seconds of shaking. The simulator and included curriculum help increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as child abuse. Participants witness the simulated consequences of a parent or caregiver’s unsafe choices and become motivated to avoid them. Additionally, the comprehensive curriculum materials allow you to easily integrate the products into your prenatal, prevention or childcare program.