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    Pitsco Flightpak Power Pack


    Pitsco Flightpak Power Pack guides students through principles of flight, glider design and the construction of hand-launched balsa wood gliders that they can fly. They can even compete against each other to see which glider can stay aloft the longest. All materials necessary for students’ designing, prototyping, building, and testing are provided. Includes enough materials for 30 students.

    Requires a hobby knife and ruler, sold separately.

    PmodPMON1 - Power Monitor

    (En stock)

    The PmodPMON1 is a power monitoring system that uses the Analog Devices AD5112 and ADM119. By using I2C, users can set a reference voltage on the AD5112 to indicate what qualifies as an overcurrent condition for the ADM119. Once an alert condition occurs, users can also program alarms or other events to occur.


    • Uses the Analog Devices ADM1191 and the Analog Devices AD5112
    • Monitor current draw up to 1.058A
    • Monitor voltages from 3.16V to 26V on the J3 VIN pin
    • DVDD input ranges from 3V to 5.5V
    • Standard I2C interface
    • Configurable device address allows for up to nine PMON1s in a single system.

    PmodAMP3 - Stereo Power Amplifier

    (En stock)

    PmodAMP3 - Stereo Power Amplifier features an Analog Devices SSM2518 2 watt Class-D Audio Power Amplifier. The module enables the use of I2S audio protocol or TDM to produce stereo audio at various sampling frequencies. The module features configurable digital volume and dynamic range control via an I2C interface. Additionally, you may use the AMP3 in a stand-alone mode that does not require the use of the I2C interface.

    ON/OFF Power Switch

    (0 En stock)

    Studica ON/OFF Power Switch controls the power from the battery pack.

    DC Power Jack

    (775 En stock)

    Ideal for the myRIO.

    • Inside Contact Diameter: 2.1mm
    • Outside Contact Diameter: 5.5mm
    • Termination Style: Solder Cup
    • Voltage Rating: 12 V
    • 6 Amp
    • 1 meter cord length
    • 18AWG or 20AWG wire guage
    • DC connector type


    Servo Power Block

    (1910 En stock)

    The Studica Servo Power Module is a 6V, 60W power injector that enables the use of high-power RC servos. The Servo Power Module passes through input signals unaltered while providing up to 60W of total output power across all eight channels.  The input and output channels accept standard 3-wire, 0.1” pitch, servo/PWM cables. 


    • Built in DC-DC converter
    • Over-current shutdown
    • ESD protection


    • Nominal Input Voltage: 12V
    • Operational Voltage Range: 6.0V
    • Number of Channels: 8
    • Max Current for All Channels Combined: 10A
    • Total Continuous Power: 60W
    • Size: 70mm x 45mm x 16mm
    • Step File


    Power Distribution Panel

    (En stock)

    NOTE: This product is not included in any Sales or Discounts.

    This is the PD panel being used in the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts.

    The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) from Cross the Road Electronics is the latest DC power interface for competition robotics. The PDP uses CAN to connect directly to the roboRIO and allows for individual current monitoring on each channel.

    Replacement 20 Amp Mini Yellow Fuse (am-3605) & 10 Amp Mini Red Fuse (am-4053) are available as well.

    Please contact Cross the Road Electronics support@ctr-electronics.com for warranty issues or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for this product.

    For the most up to date documentation on this product, please see: https://www.ctr-electronics.com/pdp.html#product_tabs_technical_resources



    • 12V DC output
    • (8) 40A Protected Channels (12V)
    • (8) 20A / 30A Protected Channels (12V)
    • (1) 20A Protected Channel (shared between PCM and VRM)
    • (1) 10A Protected Channel (roboRIO)
    • (1) CAN Bus (provides feedback to roboRIO)

    Power Converter 12/24VDC to 5VDC

    (En stock)

    This converter takes 11-40V DC and steps it down to 5VDC, which makes it perfect for supplying power to an RGB LED Light strip such as, am-2916.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Input Voltage 11-40DC
    • Output Voltage 5VDC
    • Output Current Max 10A
    • Output Power Max 50W
    • Line regulation ±0.2%
    • Load regulation ±0.2%
    • Voltage accuracy ±1.5%
    • Weight: 0.192 Lbs
    • Body Length: 1.97"
    • Tab to Tab Length: 2.5"
    • Width: 2"
    • Height: 0.8"

    Power Supply 12VDC at 1A

    (En stock)

    This Power Supply AC/DC Adapter takes 100-240V AC and converts it to 12VDC at 1Amp maximum.

    The barrel plug on this adapter perfectly fits the OM5P-AN radio, as well as the D-Link Radio and our Arduino compatible Ethernet Microcontroller.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Input Voltage 100-240 AC
    • Output Voltage 12VDC
    • Output Current Max 1A

    Power for micro:bit


    The MonkMakes Power for micro:bit opens up lots of ways of powering your micro:bit.

    The board has a standard DC barrel jack that accepts between 4.5 and 12V and provides a regulated 3V output to the micro:bit via its JST battery connector.