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    1/8 HP Coolant Pump Upgrade Kit

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    High Quality 1/8 HP Coolant Pump Upgrade Kit for PCNC mills. This pump is a premium import pump that will provide a long life of worry-free operation.

    Check Valve for Coolant Pump

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    Inline Check Valve for Coolant pump eliminates time delay in coolant delivery on pump start-up.

    Coolant Pump 115/230 VAC

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    Replacement for pump used with PCNC 1100 or 15L Slant-PRO Lathe.

    DuraKut 9000B Mist Coolant


    DuraKut 9000B Mist Coolant is a nontoxic, nonhazardous cutting fluid for use with misting systems such as FogBuster and others.

    Flood Coolant Kit (1/8 HP) for 1100M/MX and 770M/MX

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    The Flood Coolant Kit (1/8 hp) flushes chips and swarf from the cutting zone.

    FogBuster Coolant Kit (115 Vac) for 770M/770MX

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    Reduce coolant consumption and airborne particulates with the FogBuster Coolant Kit.

    FogBuster Coolant Kit (115 Vac) for PCNC Mills


    FogBuster Spray Coolant System for PCNC Mills or other small equipment. This non-fogging, low pressure sprayer is ideal for small shop spaces.

    FogBuster Coolant Kit (230 Vac) for 1100M/1100MX

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    The FogBuster Coolant Kit (230 Vac) for 1100M/1100MX clears chips from the cutting zone, keeps your tools cool and lubricated.

    Full Synthetic Coolant

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    1 Gal. Concentrated, makes 20 gallons of coolant.

    Replacement OEM Coolant Pump 115VAC


    Replacement OEM Coolant Pump 115VAC for PCNC 1100 / PCNC 770 / PCNC 440 / 15L Slant-PRO

    8L Machine Stand Coolant kit

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    The 8L Lathe Flood Coolant Kit flushes chips and swarf from the cutting zone

    Kit contains the following items:

    • PN 33216 - Coolant Pump
    • PN 37294 - 1 Free Gallon QualiChem XTREME CUT 251C
    • PN 38351 - 90° Push to connect fitting
    • PN 38915 - 38915 - 8 Feet of Coolant Tube
    • PN 31366 - Portable Refractometer - Coolant Tester

    QualiChem XTREME CUT 251C


    QualiChem Xtreme Cut 251C is a premium semi-synthetic coolant that prevents rust and is recommended for aluminum and stainless-steel applications.


    Recommended Grinding Dilution 3% (33:1)
    Recommended Machining Dilution 5% (20:1)
    Recommended Sawing Dilution 10%(10:1)

    1/4 in. Coolant Hose Pliers


    1/4 in. Coolant Hose Pliers. Use to Assemble 1/4 in. Coolant hose.


    • 1/4 in. Loc-Line Compatible

    3 Position Gang Block


    The 3 Position Gang Block features 2 hold downs with end stop for use as a spot-drill-tap station