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    TETRIX® Tele-Op Control Module

    The TETRIX® Tele-Op Control Module combines the programmability of autonomous bots with the human interface execution of a remote control, creating endless possibilities for creating robots with infinite behaviors and movements. A downloadable programming library for the TETRIX PRIZM® Robotics Controller makes it easy to implement a variety of movements and functions. What you control is limitless!


    Currently compatible with TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller in combination with PS4 DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

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    Tetrix Max Servo Extension


    Tetrix Max Servo Extension gives your servo a little more room to roam with this extension.

    485 Servo Pack


    485 Servo Pack  is one of the best choices for rugged robotic applications. This servo’s great performance and durability are a combination of karbonite gears, high-performance circuitry, and a ball bearing-supported output shaft. Karbonite gearing is nearly four times stronger than nylon gears and provides virtually wear-free performance. Standard rotational range is 90 degrees, but it can be operated to 180 degrees with controllers capable of generating a pulse range from 600 usec to 2400 usec. Produces nearly 84 oz-in of torque power.

    Tetrix Max Pivot Bearing


    TETRIX MAX Pivot Bearing is a replacement pivot bearing for all TETRIX pivot arms and brackets.

    • Size: 3 mm

    Tetrix Max Ultrasonic Sensor Pack


    This pack contains a noncontact distance measurement module that works at 42 kHz to transmit a digital signal to the TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller. The module detects the range of an object within 3 to 400 cm, enabling your robot to sense its surroundings. Comes with a mount, connecting sensor cable, and the hardware for attaching the sensor to the TETRIX hole pattern

    TETRIX MAX Gripper Kit

    (9 En stock)

    Add form and function to your TETRIX MAX robot with theTetrix Max; Gripper Kit. The integrated MAX hole pattern allows for a variety of mounting options, and the wide range will serve you well for picking up large items. The curved jaws and flat surfaces provide a more versatile gripping surface that can easily accommodate both round objects and flat objects. Removable gripper extension rails increase strength and versatility.

    20 Amp MINI Yellow Fuse

    (En stock)

    This 20 Amp fuse is used in FIRST Tech Challenge batteries and the FIRST Robotics Competition Power Distribution Panel (am-2856).


    • Color: Yellow
    • Amps: 20
    • Max Voltage: 32
    • Style: MINI®
    • Specification: SAE J2077
    • Type: Blade Fuse