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    8 in. HD Pneumatic Wheel Hub Assembly 0.5 in. Hex Bore

    This pneumatic wheel hub offers a significant strength improvement over our popular plastic-hubbed 8in. Pneumatic WheelThis variant of this strong hub features a 1/2 hex bore, which is a perfect choice for building a WCD style drivetrain, or any live 1/2 hex axle style drive configuration. This product ships without a tube or tire, allowing you to choose your own adventure with any 200x50mm pneumatic tire, such as our 8in tire. The hub of the wheel is comprised of a machined aluminum core, with two flat machined plates bolted to it to retain the tube and tire. This product is great for both FRC drivetrain applications, or non-FIRST outdoor applications as well.


    This product ships as an unassembled kit.



    CAD File(s)

    am-3934 8IN HD Pneumatic Wheel Hub Assembly 500IN Hex Bore.STEP

    Layout Print(s)

    am-3934 8IN HD Pneumatic 500IN Hex Bore Wheel Hub Assembly.PDF

    MFR Part #: am-3934
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    4" Compliant Wheel, 1/2" Hex Bore, 50A Durometer, Blue

    (In stock)

    Compliant wheels are not intended for moving robots, but moving objects. Compliant wheels give way to allow rigid objects to be manipulated easily. A line of multiple wheels on a driven hex axle creates a very effective roller that ignores variations in the objects being driven. This makes for high-performance intakes and internal conveyors.

    Different durometer ratings give each wheel unique characteristics. Green wheels (35A durometer) are the softest and most compliant around objects, while orange (40A), maroon (45A), blue (50A), and black (60A) wheels are increasingly firm. The increased firmness also allows the latter wheels to carry a higher RPM rating. Check out the downloads tab for a chart showing wheels and their maximum RPM. 


    Please note maroon wheels are only intended for use in FTC. If more powerful motors are used to drive it the spokes may fail.




    • Bore: 1/2 in. Hex, 3/8 in. Hex, Nub Bore, 5 mm Hex
    • Diameter: 4 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), ⠀40A (Orange), ⠀45A (Maroon), ⠀50A (Blue), ⠀60A (Black), ⠀80A (Gray)
    • Hole Pattern: Qty 4 3.5 mm Holes on a 16 mm Circle for 8 mm bore wheels
    • Material: TPU, ⠀Polycarbonate
    • Maximum RPM: 3000-9000
    • Weight: 0.228 - 0.269 Lbs
    • Width: 1 in.


    Layout Print(s)

    am-3562 4IN 375Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3563 4IN 8mm Compliant Wheel REV4.PDF

    am-3480 4IN 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-4538 4IN 5mm Hex Compliant Wheel.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3562 4IN 375Hex Bore Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3563 4IN 8mm Round Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3480 4IN 500Hex Bore Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-4538 4IN 5mm Hex Compliant Wheel.STEP


    4 inch Compliant Wheel Expansion.pdf