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    Common Welding Joints Kit

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    Use the curriculum and models in our Common Welding Joints Kit to teach students how to identify the most common welding joints. Each 10-piece kit includes both SMAW and GMAW coupon examples made of lightweight plastic. The included flashcards and curriculum address joint types, proper welding techniques and how to prevent welding issues.

    guideWELD LIVE real welding guidance system

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    The guideWELD® LIVE real welding guidance system enables users to transition from the classroom to the welding booth. It provides corrective in-helmet training during live welding on the core techniques needed to weld effectively.




    System includes:

    • Auto-darkening welding helmet with in-helmet guides
    • Speed sensor board with a base for MIG and Stick welding
    • Angle sensor
    • Stick calibration fixture
    • Online access to curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty

    *Gloves not included



    • Provides a peripheral-view display inside the welding helmet during live MIG and Stick welding
    • Offers real-time feedback on work angle, travel angle and travel speed during live welding
    • Includes 9 default Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s) and option for custom WPS creation
    • Works with any MIG or Stick welder
    • Ideal for transitioning users from classroom to welding booth
    • Great for in class training, demonstrations and remote learning

    guideWELD VR Welding Simulator - 1 Unit (available as SMAW or GMAW Option)

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    Implementing the guideWELD® VR welding simulator enables users to refine basic welding skills. They also learn proper welding techniques and explore welding career paths while saving on costly consumables. The welding simulator provides immediate feedback on work angle, travel angle, speed, nozzle-to-plate distance, and straightness.





    • guideWELD VR workstation with interchangeable GMAW (MIG) and/or SMAW (Stick) welding simulator gun
    • 3 welding joints (tee, lap, butt)
    • Actual Welding gloves included
    • Online access to: guideWELD VR curriculum (3 units, 13 lessons – over 25 hours of curriculum and assessment), Administrator Guide, Instructor User Guide, Student User Guide, Quick Start Guide, Product software

    *Welding helmet not included


    • Online access to download
    • Download directly to a server or individual computers