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    The Thrifty Bot's goal is to provide robotics teams with affordable quality parts.

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    Constant Force Spring Kit

    (5 In stock)

    This kit provides enough hardware to mount your constant force spring to your elevator structure. Includes a 16.5 pound 48" inch travel constant force spring, 2 solid aluminum brackets and assorted hardware.

    Half Inch Hex Coupler- QTY 2

    (24 In stock)

    This product includes two 1.25 inch long half inch hex couplers. This product has been verified to clamp all the various standards of 1/2" hex, rounded hex and AM churro with significant clamping force.


    • 1.25" long overall - shortest hex coupler on the market.
    • Split half design allows you to easily remove or add the coupler back on - great for mechanisms that might require maintenance or replacement.
    • Each coupler includes four 3/8" long 6-32 threaded black oxide steel bolts. These bolts use a 7/64" driver to prevent easily stripping the bolt heads out.
    • .1 ounces or .0625 pounds, black anodized 6061 aluminum.

    Thrifty Elevator 2 Stage Kit

    (1 In stock)

    Thrifty Elevator is designed to work with the various brands of 2 in. x 1 in. aluminum box extrusion of any wall thickness on the market. Your team can work with what they like – REV MAXTube, VEX VersaFrame, or simply plain 2" x 1" from your aluminum metal supplier of choice. You bring the 2" x 1" tubing, hex shaft, structural fasteners and gearboxes and we’ll provide the rest.

    The Thrifty Bushing - QTY 10

    (9 In stock)

    The Thrifty Bushing is a nylon bushing that works with 13.75 mm diameter style hex shaft. This bushing is recommended for low-load applications and will allow you to package mechanisms into even smaller form factors. Thriftybot recommends greasing bushings prior to use.

    Thrifty Everybot Climb Hook - QTY 2

    (0 In stock)

    Need to help teams at your event get on the low rung bar? Only have a few hours to help them accomplish this task? No problem with the Thrifty Every Climb Hooks!

    Aluminum 15 Tooth HTD Pulley - QTY 2

    (17 In stock)

    This 5M HTD aluminum pulley 2 pack will allow teams to create larger single belt reductions with a common 1/2" hex interface.