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    Engage your students in Animal and Veterinary Science education with our line of interactive, lifelike products. Each model features removable parts to teach a true understanding of how reproductive, digestive, and other systems and structures work within the animal.





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    BARN YARD PACKAGE (Cow, Pig, Horse, Chicken, Cow Ruminant, Pig Stomach, Horse Stomach)

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    Bovine Fetal Development Models

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    These lifelike Bovine Fetal Development Models represent bovine fetuses at different stages of development. Stages include corpus luteum and 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 months. All eight models have realistic features and a rubberized, life-like feel. Use the models and curriculum in this set to help students develop an in-depth understanding of fetal development stages and the care those stages require.




    Package includes:

    • 3 corpus luteum models
    • 5 bovine fetal development models (1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 months)
    • Online access to curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty

    Skeleton Bundle (Large Dog, Small Dog, Cat)

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    3 Large Animal Bundle (Cow, Pig, Horse)

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    3 Small Animal Bundle (Cat, Dog, Fish)

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    4 Large Animal Bundle (Cow, Pig, Horse, Chicken)

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    3 Animal Reproductive Bundle (Cow, Horse, and Pig Uteri)

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    Suture Kit - 5 Pack

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    The Suture Kit helps create accuracy and proper technique through repeated practice to develop key nursing and vet tech skills. Students are able to practice multiple and varying cuts as well as suturing techniques.

    Beef and Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster

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    This Beef & Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster represents primal beef and pork meat cuts in realistic, full-color details. It contours to the shape of the animal and represents the most common cuts of beef and pork.rk.

    Animal Systems Package 2

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    The Animal Systems 2 Package is one of three complete solutions for starting or building an agriculture pathway program. This package includes 27 hands-on resources as well as curricula, presentation slides, activities, and assessments.

    Cow Model

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    The Cow Model is one-sixth the size of an actual cow. It features realistic details of internal and external cow anatomy, including the reproductive system, the digestive system, and udder structures. When separated at the midline, 13 organ and body parts can be removed and studied.

    Cow Ruminant Model

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    The Ruminant Model provides a detailed, hands-on look at the four compartments of the bovine digestive system. This model is slightly smaller than a real ruminant and separates at the midline to reveal internal structures. It includes 3 removable parts.

    Cow Hoof Model

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    This 2-piece Cow Hoof Model helps students understand the internal and external anatomy of a cow hoof.

    Cow Udder Model

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    The Cow Udder Model is a full-color, detailed model. It shows the internal and external anatomy of a cow udder. The model also comes with a teacher guide and student worksheet.

    Bovine Milking Udder Simulator

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    The Bovine Milking Udder simulator is a working model of a cow udder. Use it to demonstrate proper udder care, milk diseases and infection treatment and prevention, proper California Mastitis Test performance and to teach udder anatomy. The simulator has four separate chambers that can be filled with fluid. It can also be used to demonstrate proper milking machine connection.