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    Use our hands-on learning aids and resources to engage students in important culinary topics, such as kitchen and food safety, meat cuts and knife safety. You’ll also find resources for teaching soft skills and exploring culinary careers.

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    Beef and Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster

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    This Beef & Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster represents primal beef and pork meat cuts in realistic, full-color details. It contours to the shape of the animal and represents the most common cuts of beef and pork.rk.

    Butcher Beef Cut Models

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    The life-like Butcher Beef Cut Models are a set of four separate, quartered section models. These include Round, Loin, Rib, and Chuck from half of a steer. This set of models are one-half the size of a steer and feature 21 magnetic models depicting the most popular cuts of beef. These models are used to identify various cuts as well as learn how to prep and cook each. Additionally, the included curriculum completes the experience for both instructors and students.

    Butcher Pork Cut Models

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    Our Butcher Pork Cut Models include 13 life-like magnetic models of pork cuts to help students learn to identify, locate, and prepare each piece. This pork carcass model, which is about half the size of a real pig, features realistic bone, muscle and tendon definition. Additionally, the included standards-based curriculum provides four to five hours of classroom instruction.

    Food Safety Just The Facts: Food Safety DVD


    The Just the Facts: Food Safety DVD covers clean, separate, cook, chill – the key processes that keep food safe. Chef Jon shares his extensive knowledge of safe food preparation, food-borne illness, clean-up, and storage. Length: 16 min.

    Food Safety Kit

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    The RealCareer Food Safety Kit covers basic foodsafety and handling techniques that can be used in culinary occupations or at home. The curriculum integrates hands-on activities and components for up to six small groups to be working on activities simultaneously. The kit can be used to address: basic food safety, proper handwashing techniques, common pathogens, foodborne illnesses, foodsupply chain, safe temperatures, food handling techniques, cross-contamination prevention along with culinary and food service careers.

    Food Science and Nutrition Lab Kit


    Our unique Food Science and Nutrition Lab Kit introduces students to food science and nutrition concepts. The kit includes lab materials, student workbooksscenario cards, posters, as well as a comprehensive curriculum, based on national FCS standards, to provide hands-on activities and thought-provoking scenarios.




    Food Truck Design Kit

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    The Food Truck Design Kit provides a hands-on design experience for students tasked with building a food truck business. This interactive tool allows for optimal student interaction and learning while planning all aspects of a food truck business. It includes enough hands-on lab activities and lesson plans to teach a 3-week unit on food truck entrepreneurship. It can also supplement any textbook or curriculum already in use. The included curriculum addresses marketing, budgeting, menu development and other essential topics.

    Kitchen Safety Kit


    Use our Kitchen Safety Kit to introduce basic kitchen safety concepts and techniques to your students in an easy-to-use, one-week unit. The kit works with any textbook or curriculum already in use. It includes activity cards, posters and hands-on activities that address sanitation, knife safety and hazard prevention and assessment. Use this kit to organize up to six simultaneous kitchen labs or offer individual kitchen safety practice opportunities.

    Food Processing, Production, and Safety Career Scenario Cards


    mployability Skills Scenario Cards

    These pathway/occupation-specific workplace scenario cards cover real-world situations in food processing, production, and safety careers. Use these cards to develop soft skills within specific occupations through small-group discussions, as a large-group icebreaker or as an individual challenge.


    Use the program to:


    • Supplement existing employability skills
    • Teach a complete unit on skills
    • Generate real-life discussions
    • Prompt reflection activities
    • Generate ice-breaker activities