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    Swine Skills

    Use our innovative simulators and models for teaching students skills for working with swine.

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    Beef and Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster

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    This Beef & Pork 3D Meat Cuts Poster represents primal beef and pork meat cuts in realistic, full-color details. It contours to the shape of the animal and represents the most common cuts of beef and pork.rk.

    Butcher Pork Cut Models

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    Our Butcher Pork Cut Models include 13 life-like magnetic models of pork cuts to help students learn to identify, locate, and prepare each piece. This pork carcass model, which is about half the size of a real pig, features realistic bone, muscle and tendon definition. Additionally, the included standards-based curriculum provides four to five hours of classroom instruction.

    Dissection Fetal Pig Model

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    This detailed model of a dissected fetal pig brings hands-on experience to the classroom. It features removable organs as well as a curriculum which discusses fetal pig anatomy and dissection techniques.

    Pig Model

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    The Pig Model is one-third the size of an actual pig. The exterior depicts a detailed muscular system. Separating at the midline, it reveals 16 removable organs and body parts including the digestive as well as reproductive systems. Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience..

    Pig Stomach Model

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    The Pig Stomach Model is a detailed, realistic model of the swine digestive system. It features 2 removable parts, each of which depicts the internal and external structures of a pig’s stomach. Also included are curriculum, student activities and presentation slides


    • Separates along midline for viewing of internal structures
    • 2 removable parts
    • Product Dimensions: 11” x 7” x 15”
    • Product Weight: 2.5 Pounds

    Pig Uterus Model

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    The Pig Uterus Model is a life-size model of a pig’s reproductive system on a display stand. It includes curriculum and presentation slides as well as student activities.



    • Life-sized anatomical model
    • Online access to curriculum, student activities and presentation slides


    Swine Breeder™ artificial insemination simulator

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    The Swine Breeder™ is a life-sized female swine simulator. Use to teach proper swine artificial insemination and birthing techniques. This sturdy, portable simulator allows students to sit on it while checking for standing heat and replicate artificial insemination techniques. Additionally, use it to simulate farrowing piglets and train on normal and abnormal delivery positions.s.

    Swine Kit

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    Use this out-of-the-box Swine Kit to offer engaging, hands-on lessons on introductory swine topics, such as breeds, reproduction and feed and management. As students interact with the included learning aids, posters and curriculum, they’ll develop fundamental knowledge specific to pigs. This easy-to-implement program also includes career exploration resources.

    Swine Litter Processing Simulators

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    Give your students hands-on practice processing piglets with our Swine Litter Processing Simulators. Use each of the four piglet simulators in this kit to practice four processing techniques. These techniques include teeth clipping, castration, tail docking, as well as ear notching. Four sets of processing tools and supplies are included. Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience.




    Each kit includes:

    • 4 piglet simulators
    • 4 teeth and tail snippers
    • 4 ear notching tools
    • 4 plastic scalpels
    • Supplies for practicing clipping teeth, castrating, docking tails and notching ears
    • Online access to curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty