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    Training Models 9v

    9V Training Models (For Non PLC Users)

    For those who teach or demonstrate aspects of automation and control, but who do not wish to address PLC programming, fischertechnik also offers a special selection of training models in fully programmed 9V versions, pre-wired to fischertechnik’s proprietary robotic control unit. One or more standard power adaptors (sold separately) will be required as is noted in the product descriptions.

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    fischertechnik 3-D Robot 9V (fully wired with Robotics TXT Controller included)


    fischertechnik Industrial Simulation Robot - in 9 V and 24 V Versions
    3-axis robot with gripping device.


    Degrees of freedom:


    • Shaft 1: Rotation 180°
    • Shaft 2: Forward/back 90 mm
    • Shaft 3: Up/down 150 mm

    Scope of Delivery:

    • 4 DC motors, including 2 with integrated magnetic encoder (Max. pulse frequency: 1 kHz)
    • 4 Limit switches, 2 pulse sensors for path measurement
    • 8 Digital inputs
    • 8 Outputs, 9V –.../24V –... (4 Motors clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, 24V version incl. relay board for motor polarity reversal)
    • Large model: approx. 390x200x30 mm (LxWxH).
    • Model mounted on stable wooden board.
    • Robotics TXT Controller included with 9 V version ONLY. 24 V version has screw terminals and requires PLC.
    • Model can be ideally combined with conveyor belt, punch press and intermittent assembly line.

    9 V version requires Power Set #91087 or Power Supply #122952 for operation (Not Included). 24 V version requires PLC (not included).

    fischertechnik Factory Simulation 9V


    The fischertechnik Factory Simulation combines four models --Vacuum Gripper Robot, Automated High Bay Warehouse, Multi-Processing Station with Oven, and the Sorting Line with Color Detection--into one self-contained material cycle.

    Workpieces are retrieved from the Automated High Bay Warehouse using the Vacuum Gripper Robot, and then moved to the Multi-Processing Station with Oven. After the workpiece has been processed by this machine, it is then sorted by color in the Sorting Line with Color Detection, before being again moved by the Vacuum Gripper Robot to the Automated High Bay Warehouse for storage. Pre-assembled training model, wired to 5 fully programmed fischertechnik ROBOTICS TXT Controllers.