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    Motor Set XS


    Small, compact geared motor in plastic casing with numerous attachment and connection possibilities. With many toothed gears, axles, driving gears and safety battery tray with pole-reversing switch. Technical Data: 9V, max 1 W at 6000rpm. REQUIRES 9V battery--not included.

    Motor Set XM


    fischertechnik Motor Set XM is a high performance geared motor in compact plastic casing with numerous possibilities for attachments. Includes many toothed gears, axles and gearbox parts.

    45 Individual parts

    Performance data: Voltage 9V –..., max. output 3.0 W at about 340 RPM.



    fischertechnik Accu Set 110V


    Battery charger with microcontroller for reliable protection from overcharge. Very short recharging time, max 2 hours. High-powered NiMH Accu Pack with short-circuit protection, 8.4V/1500 mAH.

    Power Set 120V


    fischertechnik Power unit with infinitely variable control unit. Plug in Class-2 Transformer. Input AC 120 V 60 Hz 150mA. Output DC 9V 1A.

    fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics


    Creative building and expansion with mechanical building blocks


    The fischertechnik Creative Box Mechanics is perfect for the implementation of technical themes! Be it a worm drive, chain transmission, a winch or any other technical theme: they can simply be reconstructed with this box! Based on the model, it is then easy to recognise and understand the functions, while the building itself promotes constructive thinking. The functionality and the interaction of the included fischertechnik building blocks are briefly explained, allowing an easy and quick start.In order to prevent chaos after the completion of the construction, the Creative Box Mechanics is delivered in two sorting boxes - ideal to avoid searching times for individual building blocks. The sorting boxes are closed by a large fischertechnik base plate which is ideally suited as a basis plate for creative building.


     Parts summary

    fischertechnik Creative Box Basic

    ( 0 In stock)

    Creative building and expansion with "Basic" building blocks


    The Creative Box Basic allows kids to unleash their creativity! Equipped with many basic building blocks, angle bracketsand other „basics“, this set is perfectly suited to create something great: It allows freestyle building, reconstructing an existing theme and expanding an existing project. The simple and flexible functionality of the building blocks is explained in brief instructions, so that everyone can get started immediately! In order to stow away everything neat and tidy when the job is done, the Creative Box Basic is supplied in a sorting box which effectively prevents building block chaos and minimises searching time. The large fischertechnik base plate, which simultaneously serves as the lid for the sorting box, can beused as the foundation for the models.


     Parts summary

    fischertechnik micro:bit F5 Adapter


    The adapter board has 8 outputs and 6 inputs.

    Control Set


    The control set lets fischertechnik models be controlled remotely via the Bluetooth control app, using a smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth low-energy technology offers a long range of up to 10 meters. The receiver has three motor outputs and a servo output, which enables smooth steering and continuous speed regulation. The set comes with one servo. The app can be used to operate up to two receivers, which allows for a large number of uses. The Bluetooth technology lets you use multiple control sets in the same room without crossing signals.

    Power Set 120V

    (In stock)

    fischertechnik Power unit with infinitely variable control unit. Plug in Class-2 Transformer. Input AC 120 V 60 Hz 150mA. Output DC 9V 1A.