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    FRC Rookie Kit Extras


    This kit combines a handful of useful robot building tools that add to the ease of robot build, functionality, and cleanliness. Shrink wrap, power pole connectors, labels, and tubing for wire management, electronics for added robot abilities and more. This kit is a great addition to the FRC Rookie Basic Startup Kit, am-3050.

    Included Hardware:

    • One - Lead Acid Battery Charger, 3 Bank, 6 Amp, Dual Pro RS3 with SB-50A Connectors (am-2026)
    • Four - Powerpole Kit (8 Red/8 Black Housings, 16 Contacts) (am-2198)
    • One - 50 pack of assorted Shrink Tubing Sizes (am-2233)
    • One - 3M ScotchCode Wire Marker Tape Dispenser (am-2385)
    • One - Ultrasonic proximity sensor, EZ, MB1013, MaxBotix (am-2434)
    • One - TRIcrimp, powerpole crimping tool for 15,30, and 45 amp contacts (am-2554)
    • One - F6 Flexible 1/2" Self-Wrap Split Braided Sleeving, 10ft section (am-2602)
    • One - F6 1/2in Split Braided Tubing Installation Tool (am-2603)
    • One - Assembled String Potentiometer Complete Kit (am-2674BUILT)
    • One - AndyMark safety glasses - 12 Pair (am-2864-12)
    • One - Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 Camera (am-3025)

    Outdoor Rhino Track Drive

    (In stock)

    Product Overview:

    We introduced the Rhino Track Drive in late 2015, and it's been storming competition fields ever since. Once carpets have been tamed, what's left? The great outdoors! This version of the Rhino has been modified from the standard version to handle the rigors of outdoor driving, returning this Rhino to its natural habitat. This drive-base builds off of two Rhino Track Drive Modules (am-3322).

    What's different from the standard Rhino? 

    • The standard Rhino plates' lightening holes have been removed. This helps keep out debris and provides additional accessory mounting points.
    • The drive motors and gearbox have been relocated to sit higher, improving ground clearance.
    • #35 chain replaces belt between the Toughbox output shaft and the track pulley, which has more tolerance for debris and can be repaired more easily in the field. (Even in the middle of nowhere, most hardware stores still stock #35 chain or links!)
    • This module does not include electronics or motors

    This product comes fully assembled and is built to order. This product takes up to 2 weeks to ship and can be customized, however there may be additional fees for customization. Contact [email protected] for more details on customization and pricing.


    • Weight: 70 lbs (Weight may vary depending on customization)
    • Controls system: This kit does not include a controls system
    • Drop center pulley distance: 0.15 inch lower than the two adjacent pulleys
    • Tread Material: Carbox Nitrile Rubber
    • Tread Color: Blue
    • Tread Pattern: Roughtop
    • Timing Belt Style: HV with center tracking V
    • Timing Belt Length: 65.5 inches
    • Overall Length: 30.44 inches with Upper Arm at 34 degree angle, (31.3 inches with Upper Arm at 5 degrees and moved in to secondary pivot point)
    • Overall Width: 25.875 inches from plate to plate
    • Side Plate Thickness: 3/16 inch
    • Side Plate Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

    Belt Tension:
    Proper track belt tension is detailed in this document.

    Included Hardware:

    • Two - Toughbox Mini (am-2598_107)
    • Sixteen - 3/8" Bearing 1614ZZ (am-0209)
    • Fourty Eight - #10-24 x 1.25 Thread Forming (am-1278)
    • Two - S35-15H Aluminium Sprocket (am-2375)
    • Two - S35-22L Aluminium Sprocket (am-0216)
    • One - #35 Single Strand Chain (am-0367)
    • Two - 500EX Hex Hub (am-2568)
    • Four - 1/2" Bearing FR8ZZ (am-2986)
    • Forty Four - 1/4-20 x 3/4 Thread Forming Screw am-1310)
    • Four - 3/8" Collar Clamp, Aluminium (am-2382)
    • Two - 250 Sprocket and Pulley Spacer (am-0207a)
    • Two - Collar Clamp, 1/2" Hex Bore (am-1238)
    • Twelve - #10-32 x 1-1/4" SHCS (am-1260)
    • Twelve - #10-32 Nylock Nut (am-1042)
    • Four - 3/16 Thick Nylon Spacer (am-1181)
    • Two - Rhino Track Timing Belt (am-3288)
    • Two - Eye to Eye Turnbuckle (am-3321)
    • Four - 1.86-0375 Plastic Spacer (am-0243)
    • Four - 0.82 inch x 3/8 Spacer (am-2243)
    • Four - 985x375 Spacer (am-0441)
    • Twelve - 3/8" Washer (am-1393)
    • Twelve - 3/8-16 Nylock Nut (am-1054)
    • Sixteen - 20 Tooth Track Drive Pulley (am-3298a)
    • Twelve - 3/8-16 x 4.25" HHCS (am-1297)
    • Two - Hex Spacer 0.570"L x .05" ID Hex (am-1305)
    • Two - Outdoor Rhino Outside Plate
    • Two - Outdoor Rhino Inside Plate
    • Twenty Two - 3.25" Churro (am-2569)
    • Two - 19.25" Churro (am-2241)
    • One - 26.13" Peanut Extrusion
    • Two - 19.25" Peanut Extrusion

    Not Included:

    • Battery - 12V SLA recommended, like am-0844 or am-3062
    • Battery Charger - we sell a 3 bank, 6 amp charger to go with our sealed lead acid batteries
    • Control system
    • CIM Motors (am-0255) - 4 recommended, 2 minimum

    Rhino Track Drive Module


    The Rhino Track Drive is a tank track module utilizing a two (2) inch wide timing belt tread. Four (4) robust molded pulleys direct the path of a high grip belt, driven by an optional AndyMark gearbox or transmission. The Rhino Track Drive features rigid, 3/16 inch thick aluminum plates and an easily adjustable belt tension mechanism. 

    This is an ambidextrous module, so it can be used for the left or right side just by switching the plates from one side to the other. Once mounting it to cross braces like REV Extrusion, not included, or another Chassis, you can choose to make countersink holes on the appropriate sides.

    The Rhino Track Drive Module ships in an un-assembled kit. Please see the assembly instructions on the "Files and Documents" tab for any assembly assistance. 

    NOT INCLUDED: A gearbox, such as the Toughbox Mini, as shown in the layout print and example pictures. Bumper brackets (am-3358) are available, but not included.

    This module includes one belt. In order to create a typical drive system for most applications, two modules will need to be purchased. We suggest the use of four (4) pieces of 1" wide REV extrusion as bracing structure between two Rhino Track Drive Modules. Pictures of this setup version are shown on the "How To / Pictures" tab.

    Belt Tension:
    Proper belt tension is detailed in this document.

    We have a bumper set you can buy for these if needed. Check out the Bumper Kit for Rhino Track Drive Module (am-3358)