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    myDAQ with NI LabVIEW and Multisim - For Students Only

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    National Instrument's NI myDAQ - Student with NI LabVIEW, and Multisim, is designed to give students the ability to work on engineering course work and experiment with projects hands-on anywhere, anytime. The NI myDAQ is a high-quality instrumentation device that gives students the power to prototype systems and test circuits outside of the classroom while improving comprehension with continuous reinforcement.

    Schools may purchase the myDAQ for secondary schools from here

    myDevBoard - Prototype Board

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    The myDevBoard is an accessory board designed to connect directly to the NI myDAQ hardware. The Protoboard consists of a prototyping space as well as each I/O line from NI myDAQ broken out through quad contact blocks to make wiring easier. 


    • NI myDAQ terminal block and female headers
    • 9 V battery holder to add supplemental voltage and current
    • Includes switch to select between battery or external power using AC Adapter or bench top power supply. (Battery, AC adapter and bench top power supply not included)
    • 3 AMP Auto reset fuse
    • Segmented power rails on main bread board
    • Large ground plane underneath main bread board