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    About FIRST® LEGO® League

    FIRST® LEGO® League introduces science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children ages 4-16 (ages vary by country) through fun, exciting hands-on learning. FIRST LEGO League participants gain real-world problem-solving experiences through a guided, global robotics program, helping today’s students and teachers build a better future together. In FIRST LEGO League, students engage in hands-on STEM experiences, building confidence, growing their knowledge, and developing habits of learning. FIRST LEGO League’s three divisions inspire young children to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding, and design skills through hands-on STEM learning and robotics.



    FIRST LEGO League Discover


    For children ages 4-6, this playful introductory STEM program ignites their natural curiosity and builds their habits of learning with hands-on activities in the classroom and at home using LEGO Duplo bricks.

    Core Value: Learn STEM fundamentals
    Key Benefit: Understanding the basics of STEM; Habits of learning





    FIRST LEGO League Explore


    In Explore, teams of students ages 6-10 focus on the fundamentals of engineering as they explore real-world problems, learn to design and code, and create unique solutions made with LEGO bricks and powered by LEGO Education Spike Essentials

    Core Value: Practice STEM concepts
    Key Benefit: Understanding concepts & building STEM skills; Habits of learning





    FIRST LEGO League Challenge

    Friendly competition is at the heart of Challenge, as teams of students ages 9-16 engage in research, problem-solving, coding, and engineering – building and programming LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime  robots that navigate the missions of a robot game. As part of Challenge, teams also participate in a research project to identify and solve a relevant real-world problem.

    Core Value: Apply STEM skills
    Key Benefit: Understand real-world uses of STEM; Applying critical thinking skills; Habits of learning





    Contact us with questions on how to get started and what equipment you will need. 

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    Coding Express by LEGO® Education

    (6 In stock)

    Make your train pause, stop, change direction, sound the horn, and more! Taking the familiarity of a train and combining it with the new action bricks, early learners will learn through play about sequencing, looping, conditional coding, and cause and effect by placing the new action bricks within the train’s track. Each action brick creates a specific action allowing for students to test and redesign ways to problem-solve and work together to get their train to its destination.


    Grades: Preschool - 1

    Ages: 3 & up

    Themes: Coding and Programming STEM 

    Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Coding

    Subject: Early Childhood and Kindergarten, Science and Technology

    LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set

    (In stock)

    LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential is the cross-curricular STEAM solution for primary education. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. Standards-aligned learning units use everyday themes, relatable Minifigures with different personalities and familiar LEGO® building elements to solve problems through storytelling.


    SPIKE Essential consists of a main classroom brick set with a wide variety of LEGO® elements and intelligent hardware, along with the intuitive SPIKE App, all of which is accompanied by a selection of unit plans and comprehensive online and in-app support. This helps students develop age-appropriate coding skills while providing comprehensive support designed to help educators deliver engaging lessons. 


    SPIKE Essential excites students and delivers strong STEAM learning outcomes, developing their STEAM knowledge and practices, and 21st century skills.



    LEGO Education Spike Prime

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Minifigures

    (In stock)

    Ensure that your SPIKE Essential Set always has a complete set of minifigures with this replacement set of 4 minifigures included with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set.


    • Includes 4 replacement minifigures supplied with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set (45345).

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Replacement Pack

    (In stock)

    Keep your LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set in perfect working order with the SPIKE Essential Replacement Pack 1. With 97 LEGO elements, this set of spare elements also ensures that you don’t waste time hunting for lost pieces during class-time activities.

    • Includes 97 of the most used LEGO® elements in the set.
    • For use with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set (45345).

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set

    (12 In stock)

    Inspire your secondary students to explore more advanced creations and continue to nurture their interest in STEAM learning with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set (45681). It comes with over 600 LEGO elements, including large wheels, gear racks, a Color Sensor and Large Motor, plus a unique Maker Plate for easy building with your choice of single board computing (SBC) devices. The set also combines with the SPIKE Prime Set (45678) and free SPIKE App to launch students and teachers into the exciting world of robotics competitions, with over 10 hours of curriculum-based, competition-ready learning.

    Additional Features
    LEGO® Technic and System elements in a fresh color palette, including 2 large wheels, gear racks, a Maker Plate for SBCs, Large Motor and Color Sensor. ​
    The Maker Plate makes integrating your choice of single board computing devices fast and simple. ​

    Combines with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678) and free SPIKE App to give over 10 hours of curriculum-based, competition-ready learning. ​
    Includes comprehensive online lesson plans and teacher support.

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Replacement Pack

    (In stock)

    Keep your LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678) in perfect working order with the LE Replacement Pack Prime. With over 100 LEGO Technic and System elements, this replacement pack means you won’t waste precious classroom time searching for missing pieces.

    A collection of replacement LEGO® Technic and System elements for the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678).

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set

    (In stock)

    The LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set is the go-to STEAM learning tool for grade 6-8 students. Combining colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, SPIKE Prime continuously engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, including the option to explore text-based coding with Python, SPIKE Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow... while having fun!


    City Shaper: FLL Challenge Set 2019


    This LEGO® set was used in the 2019/2020 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge called City Shaper.

    Every year, FIRST® LEGO® League releases a new Challenge based on a real-world, scientific theme. City Shaper is all about the big issues faced in cities and how teamwork can shape a better future for everyone. Teams were challenged to complete up to 14 different missions with the robots that teams designed from LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. You can find more information in the official FIRST® archive of past challenges.

    FIRST® LEGO® League Challenges are designed to be played on a table with specific design requirements. The AndyMark Robot Competition Table is fully qualified and is modular for easy storage and transport.

    For missing, broken or replacement pieces from your Challenge Set, please go to:

    Note: the building components included in this set are compatible with both Spike Prime and MINDSTORM.