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    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics

    Mobile Robots are revolutionizing everything around us. In industry they are used to improve productivity in manufacturing by speeding up the movement of parts and parcels, to doing monotonous and competitive work. In the services sector, they can be an automated shuttle bus or an automated delivery robot used in everything from the food industry to hospitals. In our personal lives we are starting to see automated taxis and buses, self-driving cars, personal mobile robots for entertainment, and robots for doing repetitive and menial tasks at home.

    Mobile Robots can be fully autonomous, referred to as an AMR (autonomous mobile robot), or they can be guided and may be referred to as an AGR (automated guided vehicle). An AGR can be guided through teleoperation or through line following.  They can also be a Self-driving car, also known as an autonomous vehicle or driverless car. What they all have in common is that they are wheeled, tracked, or legged, and they have motors, controllers, and sensors. Autonomous control of the robot can through various programming languages like Java, C++, Python, LabVIEW and ROS. The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also used to further automate and create a more intelligent robot. Robots are programmed for a specific task and the sensors are used to sense their environment so they can move around safely and perform their task.

    A mobile robotics engineer must be familiar with logic, microprocessors, and computer programming and prepare specifications for the robot's capabilities as they relate to the work environment. They are also responsible for cost efficient design, cost-price calculations, and quality control. In the Mobile Robotics Competition, a team of two students are given a challenge, they must engineer a solution to accomplish the task,  using a 3D CAD program, they will design their robot and simulate its function, and they will then build a prototype and test it manually using a robot control device. This will confirm the movement and operation of each moving part. The next step is to program the robot and test it to make sure it offers a high and consistent level of performance. These steps are iterated repeatedly until the team is satisfied with their robot and feel they will be ready for the competition.

    New member countries to this program will have access to training material such as PDF’s and videos and the support of Studica Robotics. This program promotes peer learning whereby new member countries will improve their mobile robotics technology skills through engagement in training and the competition against other countries.

    We believe learning new skills can change lives.

    Studica is a proud Global Partner of the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. With nearly 36 years of experience servicing the academic market, Studica also offers relevant solutions for STEM education and more. The authorized WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection, required to prepare for and compete in the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics competition, is available exclusively at Studica.

    Why Mobile Robotics?

    Mobile Robotics and robotic engineering is an impactful way to introduce students to developing technology. The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition is designed to strengthen the following skills:

    • Mechanical and electronic development
    • Sensor and drive technology
    • Programming
    • Basic mathematics
    • Reading and comprehension
    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork 


    Is Mobile Robotics Right for You?

    Do you enjoy the following?

    • Complex problems
    • Fixing things
    • Making things
    • Things that move
    • Using computers
    • Using tools
    • Working as a team

    The WorldSkills personality quiz will give you ideas about skills and jobs you'll love.


    Find Your Passion


    WorldSkills Resources & Materials:

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    Mobile Robotics VMX/Titan Workshop Kit

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    The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics VMX/Titan Workshop Kit is used in the classroom for teaching, testing and doing research in mobile robotics. It includes each the essential components and is referenced in the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Shanghai 2022 training material.

    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection Shanghai 2022

    $3888.04 $3583.41
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    The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection – Shanghai 2022 by Studica is the authorized collection for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition. Featuring the Studica VMX Robotics Controller for WorldSkills, the Titan Quad Motor Controller and Servo Power Block. This comprehensive Collection also includes electronics, accessories, motors, servos, mounts, U-Channel, mounting plates, flat brackets, irregular brackets, and flat beams. You'll also find gears, sprockets, pulleys, belts, axles, slides, rack & pinion, wheels, bushings, bearings, coupling, collars, spacers, screws, nuts, and standoffs. Includes Everything You Need (Over 1500 components).

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    WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Junior Collection

    $3262.95 $3007.30
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    The WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Junior Collection by Studica is the authorized collection for the WorldSkills Asia Mobile Robotics Junior Competition. This comprehensive Collection includes over 1,400 items including controller, electronics, motors, structure, gears, sprockets, pulleys, belts, axles, slides, rack & pinion, wheels, bushings, bearings, coupling, collars, spacers, screws, nuts, and standoffs.