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    Foam Wing Cutter

    Use the Wing Cutter to make precision airfoil sections for model gliders and airplanes. You design the airfoil template, and the Wing Cutter does the rest! It’s simple. First, make a card-stock template using the airfoil design of your choice. Then, affix the template to the edge of the polystyrene foam material. Place the foam on the motorized platform and turn on the machine.


    The motorized platform moves the foam block through the hot cutting wire. The wire glides atop the template, shaping the foam. The result is an impressive, smooth wing section. The wing sections make excellent glider wings and airplane wings. You can even join the sections together to make polyhedral wings. Wing sections can be up to 11-1/4" wide.


    The Wing Cutter is made of a durable, laminated phenolic material. Wire temperature can be adjusted to accommodate various types of foam. Package includes Wing Cutter, control box, power supply, extra cutting wire, and instructions.


    Replacement Nichrome wire sold separately.

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    • Dimensions: Base measures 14" x 14"
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    • Dimensions: Base measures 14" x 14"
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