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    Realityworks Geriatric Nursing Manikin

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    The Geriatric Nursing Manikin is an elderly medical teaching mannequin that features realistic joints and size. Students can use it to practice over 15 basic nursing functions, from scalp and face washing to colostomy care. It includes a curriculum that addresses basic patient care procedures as well as soft skills.


    Life-sized Geriatric Nursing Manikin (wheelchair not included)

    • Interchangeable genitalia
    • Stages 1 through 4 pressure ulcers
    • Pajamas
    • Curriculum
    • Two-year limited warranty



    Realityworks Geriatric Skin Conditions Simulation Set (Skin Conditions Only)

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    he Geriatric Skin Conditions Simulation Set is a one-of-a-kind aging skin condition training tool. This kit includes 9 realistic models of common geriatric skin conditions. Students can adhere these models to human as well as manikin skin and examine the detailed tissue.

    RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator

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    This award-winning wearable RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator enables users to personally experience a variety of age-related physical challenges such as stooped posture and restricted range of motion. The experience helps them develop a unique sensitivity and understanding toward the elderly. The aging simulator includes a sensitivity suit, walker, storage case as well as curriculum.


    • Weight Vest – about 20 lbs. (adjustable, one-size-fits-most)
    • 2 ankle weights – about 5 lbs. (each)
    • 4 wrist weights – about 2.5 lbs. (each)
    • 2 elbow restraints
    • 2 knee restraints
    • 2 gloves
    • Cervical collar
    • Set of 6 visual impairment glasses
    • Walker
    • Storage case
    • 9-lesson Geriatric Experience curriculum

    Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit

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    Use the Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit to help students understand common sensory challenges faced by elderly patients and develop geriatric nursing skills. This kit includes the Hearing Impairment Simulator and Geriatric Arthritis Simulator, as well as the Geriatric Tremor Simulator.

    Geriatric Foot Care Model

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    This detailed, life-sized foot features a variety of conditions including bunions, corns, nail fungus, athlete’s foot, plantar warts, ingrown nails, diabetic ulceration, heel callus and sutured laceration.

    Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit

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    The Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit is a one-of-a-kind learning aid designed to help students build empathy and understanding of the challenges experienced by the elderly who have multiple medications to manage. Intended as a class activity, the kit enables users to experience a loss of tactile sensation and visual impairments while trying to manage several prescriptions.

    Diabetes Education Kit

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    This package uses models, simulations and activities to teach students the impact of diabetes on many parts of the body. The dynamic experiences provided by this kit make it perfect for promoting diabetes management and prevention.