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    12V Lead Acid Battery Set of 2

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    The SLA1116 is a 12 Volt, 18 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery with nut and bolt connector. The batteries will be packed within a 7"x7"x7" box (aka: interior box). A layer packing material surrounds the interior box, within a 9"x9"x9" box. The entire weight of this double box packing assembly will be approximately 29 pounds. 


    These premium batteries are AGM (absorbent glass mat) type sealed lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries use thin glass fibers interwoven into a mat. This helps to make the battery spill-proof, as the fibers containing the glass mat gradually absorbs the acid composition. As a result, AGM batteries have fewer hazardous material limitations.


    AGM’s unique composition allows the batteries to produce high currents and longer life span. The technology also minimizes internal resistance and helps the battery to survive low temperatures. Specific models of AGM product will allow users to benefit from AGM’s deep-cycling capability. It also offers a charging speed that is 5x faster than conventional flooded deep-cycle batteries.

    • Less prone to sulfation - (Topping off charges typically only required every three months).
    • High on-demand power, Low internal resistance & responsive to demand load.
    • Longer/ better cycles & efficient usage life than conventional flooded systems.
    • Up To 5X Faster charging capacity (Compared to conventional flooded battery technology).
    • Stands up well to cold temperature.
    • Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction.
    • Spill proof through acid encapsulation in matting technology.
    • Eco-friendly, has less electrolyte and lead compared to conventional flooded type batteries.

    • Higher cost than conventional batteries.
    • Must be stored in charged condition (less critical than conventional flooded batteries).
    • AGM batteries are sensitive to overcharging

    Two (2) batteries are shipped within one box for this price.




    • AMP Hours: 18
    • Life Expectancy: 100% Depth of Discharge: 200 Cycles, 80% Depth of Discharge: 225 Cycles, 50% Depth of Discharge: 500 Cycles
    • Life Span: 3-5 years in float service application, 1-2 years in competition robotics at peak performance, but longer as a practice or demo battery
    • Manufacturer: Interstate Batteries
    • Manufacturer Part #: SLA1116
    • Size: 7.1 in. long x 3.0 in. wide x 6.58 in. tall
    • Style: Sealed Lead Acid
    • Voltage: 12V DC
    • Weight: 12.5 lbs each battery



    Interstate Batteries SLA1116 User Guide.pdf

    AM14U5 - 6 Wheel Drop Center Robot Drive Base - 2023 FIRST Kit of Parts Chassis

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    Want to learn what you can change and accomplish with the AM14U5? Start here for a look at all the things this frame can do for you.

    A large format, infinitely configurable drive platform is designed and built with performance in mind. You are getting a drive chassis that has three main configurations (Long, Square & Wide) as starting options. The drop center wheel allows for smoother turning ability, while maintaining stability.


    Perfect for prototyping robotic applications as well as being part of the final design!


    The 5th major upgrade to this chassis with many more minor revisions. Our AM14U family of products have built upon the lessons learned since the first AM14U was designed in 2013.  And it was a major upgrade to the C-base chassis that was part of the FIRST Kit of Parts since 2009.


    This is the "AM" - "ONE" - "FOR" - "YOU"!


    This product ships as an un-assembled kit. It features HiGrip Wheels, Toughbox Mini Gearboxes, and Gates HTD Belts.


    Shipping Box Size: 34 in. x 7 in. x 7 in.


    Assembly and cutting of aluminum is required. See the Assembly Videos below.


    If this chassis is being used for the FIRST Robotics Competition, please consider the robot perimeter rules and size this chassis accordingly. The manual helps clearly show where to make cuts for different sizes, you can adapt your cuts to fit as needed.


    NOTE: This chassis DOES NOT include the following as there are many options for each case:


    • CIM motors (am-0255)
    • Bumper Hardware Mount Kit (am-3966)
      • Recommended method to mount bumpers to this chassis.
    • Vertical Battery Mount Kit (am-3964a)
      • Recommended method for Battery mounting to this chassis.


    Various Frame Size Configurations:


    Built on the same great features of previous AM14U family chassis, this can be configured into many different perimeter, wheel, and gearbox configurations. There are literally thousands of possible playing configurations.


    • Smallest Frame size: 24.3 in. x 27 in.
    • Largest Frame size: 32.3 in. x 31 in.


    It is shipped as a Kit with plates that can build in a large square configuration. This makes it the largest possible size and allows for the user to trim the length and width of the chassis to become a long, wide, or a smaller square to fit different the size constraints of each specific year. The assembly instructions show how it can be changed, be sure to check out the assembly videos as well.


    Multiple Wheel And Build Configuration Options:


    For even more wheel and build configurations, check out our AM14U4 & AM14U5 Wheel Upgrades!

    Encoder Options:


    The AM14U5 does not include encoders. The Toughbox Mini gearboxes included in the AM14U5 ship with an output shaft (am-2566b) that has two holes in the end for optional included 1/4" diameter steel dowels (am-1323) that are compatible with the US Digital E4T Encoder (am-3132) and the REV Through Bore Encoder (am-4650). Teams also have the option of purchasing a magnetic dowel (am-3505) to replace the steel dowel allowing the use of the SRX Magnetic Encoder (am-3445). In order to use this encoder on the Toughbox Mini, our SRX Magnetic Encoder Mounting Hardware Kit (am-3565) must also be used to mount each encoder.


    Assembly Video Guides


    Components in this Bundle:

    • 2 - AM14U5 Inside Plate (am-3922a)
    • 2 - AM14U Family End Plate (am-3920)
    • 2 - AM14U5 Outside Plate (am-3921a)
    • 6 - HiGrip Wheels (am-0940b)
    • 2 - Toughbox Mini (am-14U5_T22)
    • 2 - 1/2 in. Churro (am-2974)
    • 4 -15 mm Wide 5 mm Pitch HTD 160 Tooth (am-2266)
    • 4 -15 mm Wide 5 mm Pitch HTD 120 Tooth (am-2704)
    • 4 -15 mm Wide 5 mm Pitch HTD 131 Tooth (am-2571)
    • 20 - 1/4-20 x 0.75 in. Slotted Indented Hex Thread Cutting Screw (am-1591)
    • 4 - 3/8-16 x 4.25 in. Hex Head Bolt (am-1297)
    • 4 - 3/8-16 Nylock Nut (am-1054)
    • 2 - 0.57 in. ID 0.505 in. OD 1.125 in. Hex Spacer Plastic (am-1305)
    • 4 - 0.28 in. ID 0.382 in. OD 0.518 in. Spacer (am-1306)
    • 4 - 0.380 in. ID 0.750 in. OD 0.850 in. Long Spacer (am-1307)
    • 24 - 10-32 x 0.5 in. Socket Head Cap Screw (am-1002)
    • 24 - 10-32 Nylock Nut (am-1042)
    • 8 - 1/2 in. Churro (am-2569)
    • 8 - 42 Tooth 5 mm HTD 15 mm Wide Bearing Bore Plastic Pulley (am-2234a)
    • 2 - AndyMark Hub (am-4124)
    • 50 - 10-12 x 1.25 in. Self Piercing Hex Head Cap Screw (am-1592)
    • 8 - 3/8 in. Round ID Shielded Bearing (1614ZZ) (am-0209)
    • 2 - 1/2 in. Round ID Flanged Shielded Bearing (FR8ZZ) (am-0030)

    Control Options:

    To control this drive, you will need a power and control system like the Electronic Bundles kit, robo-RIO, Spark Max, 4 CIM motors, and PDP (BCRX4CP). Many options are available!

    The chassis requires a minimum of two CIM style motors (am-0255), but we recommend four CIMs to be competitive in situations like heavy robots, high traction, and pushing match situations that put a lot of load on the motors. You will also need at least one battery. We recommend the 2 Pack of Interstate Batteries (am-3062), and the 3 Bank 6 Amp Dual Pro RS3 Charger (am-2026). There are many options available here as well, take your pick!



    • Center Drop Distance: 0.140 in. for Long Configuration, 0.07 in. for Wide Configuration
    • Ratio: 10.75:1
    • Weight: 31 lbs


    Don't see what you need?




    AndyMark Hex Hub (am-4124) - Quality Issue Resolution.pdf

    CAD File(s)

    am-14U5 Long Chassis.STEP

    am-14U5 Wide Chassis.STEP

    am-14U5 Square Chassis.STEP

    AM14U5 Frame Only


    This chassis is the FRAME ONLY portion of the 2022 FRC Kit of Parts chassis, the AM14U5. This product ships as an un-assembled kit and does not include the gearboxes, belts, wheels or motors.

    Various Configurations:

    Built on the same great features of previous AM14U family chassis, this can be configured into many different perimeter, wheel, and gearbox configurations. There are literally thousands of possible playing configurations. 

    It is shipped as a Kit with plates that can build its large square configuration, without any components reduced in length. This makes it the largest possible size and allows for the user to trim the length and width of the chassis to become a long or wide version that fits into different size constraints of each specific year. The assembly instructions show how it can be changed, be sure to check out the assembly videos as well.

    Box Size: 7 in. x 7 in. x 34 in. 

    Included Hardware:





    CAD File(s)

    AM14U5 Frame Only.STEP

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    Climber in a Box - 2 Stage

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    The AndyMark Climber in a Box is a robust, lightweight, configurable and affordable solution for climbing challenges historically present in FRC end game periods. The design of Climber in a Box has been inspired by many team designs along the way including 254 and 2056. The final prototype for this climber was developed in partnership with FRC Team 3940 CyberTooth for the 2020/2021 Infinite Recharge season. This mechanism has been battle tested with hundreds of climbs on a full weight FRC Robot without failures, both in development and real match play. Available in single and two stage configurations, this product should help teams of all levels elevate their team's performance at competitions.


    This product uses a "spring out, winch back" powertrain strategy, using off-the-shelf 3.5lb constant force springs to raise the included Hook Kit, and 3mm Dyneema Rope to retract it with the included Winch Kit. Simply unspool the included rope using a planetary gearbox to raise the hook(s), drive the robot up to the bar, and winch it back to elevate your robot. The AndyMark Climber in a Box does not include a motor or gearbox, but is compatible with many off-the-shelf planetary gearboxes on the market that have a 2" bolt circle mounting pattern and support a 2" long 1/2" hex output shaft, including the highly durable blue Sport Gearboxes.


    The bearing kits within this product are designed to go from 2" square 1/16" wall aluminum tubing, down to a 1" square 1/16" wall tube, with a 1.5" square 1/16" wall tube in between for the 2 stage flavor of this product. A combination of durable 608 bearings and custom molded plastic components provide the bearing surfaces for a free-flowing telescoping tube mechanism with no 3D printed parts. Each stage has a maximum travel of 24.5."


    The AndyMark Climber in a Box is an unassembled kit of everything you need (besides a gearmotor) that is designed to not require any precision machining in order to make your FRC robot climb. The plates included within the Hook Kit, Bearing Kits and Winch Kit are all designed to be assembled and used as drill guides for match drilling their mounting locations onto the aluminum tubes. Each tube is pre-cut to a 30" length so no cutting of the tubes is required to achieve maximum travel.


    Watch the teaser video here

    Coding Express by LEGO® Education

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    Make your train pause, stop, change direction, sound the horn, and more! Taking the familiarity of a train and combining it with the new action bricks, early learners will learn through play about sequencing, looping, conditional coding, and cause and effect by placing the new action bricks within the train’s track. Each action brick creates a specific action allowing for students to test and redesign ways to problem-solve and work together to get their train to its destination.


    Grades: Preschool - 1

    Ages: 3 & up

    Themes: Coding and Programming STEM 

    Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Coding

    Subject: Early Childhood and Kindergarten, Science and Technology

    LEGO Education SPIKE Essential Set

    (En stock)

    LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential is the cross-curricular STEAM solution for primary education. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. Standards-aligned learning units use everyday themes, relatable Minifigures with different personalities and familiar LEGO® building elements to solve problems through storytelling.


    SPIKE Essential consists of a main classroom brick set with a wide variety of LEGO® elements and intelligent hardware, along with the intuitive SPIKE App, all of which is accompanied by a selection of unit plans and comprehensive online and in-app support. This helps students develop age-appropriate coding skills while providing comprehensive support designed to help educators deliver engaging lessons. 


    SPIKE Essential excites students and delivers strong STEAM learning outcomes, developing their STEAM knowledge and practices, and 21st century skills.




    LEGO Education Spike Prime

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

    (41 En stock)

    Inspire your secondary students to explore more advanced creations and continue to nurture their interest in STEAM learning with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set (45681). It comes with over 600 LEGO elements, including large wheels, gear racks, a Color Sensor and Large Motor, plus a unique Maker Plate for easy building with your choice of single board computing (SBC) devices. The set also combines with the SPIKE Prime Set (45678) and free SPIKE App to launch students and teachers into the exciting world of robotics competitions, with over 10 hours of curriculum-based, competition-ready learning.

    Additional Features
    LEGO® Technic and System elements in a fresh color palette, including 2 large wheels, gear racks, a Maker Plate for SBCs, Large Motor and Color Sensor. ​
    The Maker Plate makes integrating your choice of single board computing devices fast and simple. ​

    Combines with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678) and free SPIKE App to give over 10 hours of curriculum-based, competition-ready learning. ​
    Includes comprehensive online lesson plans and teacher support.

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set

    (En stock)

    The LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set is the go-to STEAM learning tool for grade 6-8 students. Combining colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, SPIKE Prime continuously engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, including the option to explore text-based coding with Python, SPIKE Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow... while having fun!


    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Minifigures

    (En stock)

    Ensure that your SPIKE Essential Set always has a complete set of minifigures with this replacement set of 4 minifigures included with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set.


    • Includes 4 replacement minifigures supplied with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set (45345).

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Replacement Pack

    (En stock)

    Keep your LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set in perfect working order with the SPIKE Essential Replacement Pack 1. With 97 LEGO elements, this set of spare elements also ensures that you don’t waste time hunting for lost pieces during class-time activities.

    • Includes 97 of the most used LEGO® elements in the set.
    • For use with the LEGO® Education SPIKE Essential Set (45345).

    LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Replacement Pack

    (En stock)

    Keep your LEGO® Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678) in perfect working order with the LE Replacement Pack Prime. With over 100 LEGO Technic and System elements, this replacement pack means you won’t waste precious classroom time searching for missing pieces.

    A collection of replacement LEGO® Technic and System elements for the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678).

    navX2-MXP Robotics Navigation Sensor

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    BRAND NEW NEXT-GENERATION SENSOR NOW AVAILABLE - leveraging new sensors and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver a leap forward in accuracy and performance.


    “Generation 2” navX2-MXP is a drop-in replacement for “Classic” navX-MXP, adding significant performance enhancements. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about navX2-MXP's new and enhanced capabilities.

    navX2 MXP 4.1


    Key specifications include:

    • 9-Axis Inertial/Magnetic Sensor (Gyro / Accelerometer / Magnetometer)
    • Intelligent Motion Processor
    • RoboRIO Expansion I/O
    • Check out all the features

    Many capabilities:

    • Field-oriented drive, auto-balancing, collision detection, motion detection, auto-rotate-to-angle, linear velocity vectors and more…
    • 10 Digital I/Os, 4 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, and TTL UART / I2C / SPI ports.
    • Easily installed via RoboRIO’s MXP Expansion connector or USB port.
    • C++, Java and LabView libraries and sample application code simplify integration.
    • Existing navX-MXP users can upgrade easily.
    • Free software libraries & example code are available for easy integration and use.

    What's New and Improved in navX2-MXP

    • Significantly improved yaw accuracy and stability, even during Extreme inertial events. navX2-MXP features very high-accuracy orientation (yaw/pitch/roll), with minimal yaw drift of ~0.5 degree per minute when moving, and < 0.2 degrees/hour when still. navX2-MXP is incredibly stable, and averages a yaw drift of only 2 degrees per DAY when still. navX2-MXP's new Industrial-class ISM330DHCX IMU sensor handles high rotation (4000 degree/second) and impact (16G, operates in higher temperature environments and can survive extreme shock events (20,000G).
    • Rapid (5-second) auto-calibrating startup.
    • navX2-MXP features an upgraded 180Mhz 32-bit floating-point ARM processor, the new sensors, and new state-of-the-art software algorithms which take navX technology to the next level, including a blazing-fast 416-Khz Kalman Filter, enhanced sensor calibration and algorithms which fuse gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer data into a “9-axis heading”.
    • As a result of these upgrades, the accuracy of Velocity Vector Measurements and Displacement Estimates is also improved.

    More technical details are available in the navX2 MXP technical specifications and there's even more information at navX2-MXP Online.


    Software Install:


    WPILib Online Install Link: https://dev.studica.com/releases/2023/NavX.json 


    WPILib Offline Install, once downloaded, extract the contents into C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2023\ on windows or ~/wpilib/2023/ on Linux and macOS. 


    Performance Pneumatics Kit

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    This is the next step in a pneumatics package, which gives you all the parts you need for an entire system to push 7" stroke cylinders (included). And creates pressurized air in a safe, manageable manner for mobile robots.

    Entire list of Hardware:

    • One - Viair air compressor pump
    • Two - 20 meters of Pneumatic tubing, 1/4" od, polyurethane, black
    • Two - 574ml Plastic Air Tank
    • Four - Bracket for mounting Air Tank
    • Two - Valve, pneumatic, single solenoid, CKD 4GA110-M5-E01-4
    • Two - Valve, pneumatic, double solenoid, CKD 4GA120-M5-E01-4
    • Twelve - M5 Pisco Fitting for 1/4" press-in tube, POC1/4-M5
    • Two - NCME075-0700 SMC Air Cylinder, 3/4" bore, 7" stroke
    • One - Ball Valve, 1/4" NPT Male x Female, Lever Handle, Chrome Plated
    • One - Norgren pressure regulator and bracket
    • Two - Norgren pressure gauge
    • One - Norgren pressure relief valve
    • One - Nason pressure switch
    • Seven - 1/4" NPT straight press-in fitting
    • Thirteen - 1/8" NPT straight press-in fitting
    • Five - Union Tee, 1/4" tube
    • Two - 1/8 NPT Plug
    • Four - 1/8 to 1/4 NPT Nipple
    • Ten - 1/8" NPT flow control
    • Three - Bulkhead fitting
    • Thirteen - 1/8" NPT elbow press-in fitting
    • Three - PTFE Tape Roll
    • Five - 1/8" NPT Y fitting with 2 tubing ports
    • Four - Stright Y, 1/4" Tube Press-In
    • Two - 1/4 NPT Plug
    • Two - Brass Y, 1/8" NPT, 2 Female, 1 Male
    • Four - Brass Hex Nipple, 1/8" NPT
    • Two - Brass Hex Nipple, 1/4" NPT
    • Eight - Elbow, 1/4" Tube press-in, 1/4" NPT male
    • Five - Valve, 1/8 NPT, 1/4 push-in fitting
    • Three - 1/8" NPT cross fitting with 4 ports: 3 female and 1 male
    • Three - 1/4" - 1/8" NPT adapter fitting
    • Two - In-Line Flow Control, 1/4" Tube press-in

    roboRIO 2.0

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    NOTE: This product is not included in any Sales or Discounts.


    The NI roboRIO 2.0 is new for the 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition. The most up to date information, and technical specifics, will be published by NI when they become available. For more roboRIO support for FIRST Robotics Competition teams, visit ni.com/frc

    This device is designed specifically with FIRST in mind. The announcement of the roboRIO 2.0 on the FIRST Robotics Competition Blog, discusses all the new features to expect.

    Studica Robotics FTC Starter Kit (2023-2024)

    (En stock)

    New for the 2023-2024 Season


    Download the Kit List here.

    FTC Teams are eligible to get 1 kit at a heavily discounted price. To apply for the discount please fill out this application form.

    VMX FRC Training Bot

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    The Studica VMX FRC-compatible Training Bot (FRC Trainer) is a smaller, sturdy, lightweight, and less expensive robot than your typical FRC robot. If you have a large FRC team, often only a handful of students get to learn how to create and program your team’s costly competition robot.  The FRC Trainer solves this problem and is ideal for groups of two to three to participate in hands-on learning in a classroom environment.  Schools can equip their labs with multiple FRC Trainers, benefiting from the great value and compact size. Students can even take it home with them! 

    This affordable solution is intended for:

    • FRC teams that want to learn and train on a smaller and more affordable robot,
    • Schools looking for a way to teach FRC robotics in the classroom.
    • Schools that want to teach coding in the classroom through robotics.

    The FRC-compatible Trainer is an intelligent and autonomous robot that uses the VMX Advanced Robotics Controller which can be programmed in C++ and Java.  VMX’s multitude of modern digital communications interfaces and Linux-based operating system allow users to directly access most modern devices (e.g., Intel RealSense tracking and depth cameras and LIDAR).