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    Pocket NC V2-10

    #NC V2-10
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    5-axis desktop milling machine includes the following accessories:


    1 Extended reach tool holder


    1/8th Inch ER11 Collet and Nut


    Datron Single Flute End Mill, 3mm diameter, 1/8" shank Pocket NC vise and hardware


    USB cable


    Power cord


    Pocket NC Limited Warranty

    Pocket NC Enclosure with Safety Switch

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    The Pocket NC machine enclosure is designed to keep the mess of machining inside, rather than on your workbench. The enclosure is equipped with easy access to all ports on the machine, a shelf to secure your machine to, two large viewing windows so you can see what your machine is doing, and a chip tray for easy cleanup all while allowing the machine to move just as if it were on your workbench.

    Education Material Bundle

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    The education material pack comes with softer materials ideal for learning the machine.


    This stock material pack includes 18 pieces of material:


    • B-table stock, delrin, 6 pack, 1" diameter x 6" length which fits with the 1 inch ER40 collet

    • Square delrin, 3 pack, 1.75” x 1.75” x 2”

    • Square wax, 3 pack, 2"

    • Round delrin, 3 pack, 2.0” D x 2.0” H

    • Round wax, 3 pack, 2.0” D x 2.0” H

    Pocket NC V2-10 Accessory Bundle

    #V2-10 AB
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    Items included in the accessory bundle:


    • Tool Holder and Collet Multipack (Set of 4 and rack)

    • Harvey Tooling 10 Tool Pack (1/8" and 1/16")

    • ER40 Fixture With Collet

    • Edge Finding Tool Holder