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    Mini Quartz Clock Movement

    Accurate, dependable, and versatile! Features a self-start, one-second step motor, front or rear handset, and a convenient on/off switch. Dimensions: 2-1/8" high x 2-1/8" wide x 5/8" deep. Shaft diameter: 5/16" (8 mm). Requires one AA battery, sold separately.

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    Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rocket 25 Pack

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    With the Pitsco Solid-Fuel Rocket Kit, students engage in a rewarding, hands-on project. They build the body tube, design and shape the rocket fins, and make the parachute recovery system. When they’re finished, they watch their rockets blast toward the stratosphere. Enough engines and igniters are included for 25 rockets to be launched twice.

    Please note that rocket engines ship separately and take 3-4 weeks for delivery via USPS. Individuals needing these materials sooner can pay an additional hazard fee to have the items delivered via UPS. To ship via UPS, you must call our customer service team at 800-835-0686 and place your order.

    Access the comprehensive Pitsco Rocket Kit Book for rocket building instructions, a short history of rockets, how to use the Pitsco LaunchGuard System, and much more! The Pitsco Rocket Kit Book is available for print here, or you can download a digital copy for free here.


    Looking for standards-based activities to accompany these materials? The Solid-Fuel Rockets Teacher's Guide is available for print here.

    R2K Bottle Rocket Pack of 30

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    You supply the plastic bottle (20 ounce, one liter, or two liter), scissors, tape, and a cool-melt glue gun, and we supply everything else your students need to construct a water rocket. Students can design their own graphics. Use a Pitsco launch system to launch the rockets 200 feet or more!


    Looking for standards-based activities to accompany these materials? The Water Rockets Teacher's Guide is available for download as a digital copy for free here.