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    RealCare® Diagnostics Fee

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    RealCare Baby 3 Battery Replacement Kit

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    Kit Contents: Batteries (2 Pack), Zip ties (4), Replacement Instructions.

    RealCare® Repair

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    CNC Machine Assembly Service

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    Studica Assembly Services


    Tormach has a long-standing philosophy of providing the most value to our customers. That’s why you have the ability to self-service, we have free technical support for as long as you own your machine, and you can take delivery of a mill, lathe, plasma table, or router via a liftgate truck. Those perks mean that there is some assembly required when you receive your machine. If you have a stand or enclosure, those will need to be assembled, or if you ordered any accessories, like an ATC, those will need to be installed, once your machine arrives.

    If you are a larger business, school, or simply do not have the time to commit to assembling your machine and installing accessories (time is money, after all), we offer an assembly service for a reasonable fee. Let us assemble your new machine here at Studica, and we will build it and ship it out to you. With machine assembly, a Studica professional installs, aligns and tests major components of the machine, allowing you to commission the machine quickly at your shop once it arrives.

    Assembly Service for Ontario includes delivery via Machinery Mover.  Assembly Services outside of Ontario require additional Crating Charges for Freight Delivery.


    Studica professionals will install all required accessories for CAMaster CNC Routers.  Machine Enclosures will be assembled and installed on-site.  The best method of delivery and setup will be discussed with each customer.  Crating Charges for CAMaster Routers are already factored in to delivery costs.  Orders outside of Quebec and Ontario require additional charges for on-site enslosure assembly.

    Please let us know if you have any questions about on-site assembly or setup.

    RealCare Baby Program Training

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    Studica will be hosting a training program on Realityworks' RealCare Baby! This is a great opportunity to get your questions answered, receive hands-on training and discover time-saving and effective ways to maximize the effectiveness your program – all from an authorized Realityworks trainer! Learn more about this Pro development training session below.

    CAMaster Panther Series (Cutting Size (X,Y,Z) 49” X 98” X 6”)

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    The Panther is a best-in-class CNC router that gives you the power, precision, and speed to do full production work. The Panther is constructed with a welded steel frame, steel gantry and steel gantry supports. It comes standard with advanced brushless servos, high precision planetary gearboxes, 25 MM bearings and is rated at 1,000 IPM cut speed and 2,000 IPM rapid traverse speed. The Panther’s cutting head is upgradable to an Automatic Tool Change (ATC) spindle with a 8 Tool Rotary Carousel for quicker tool changes, increased cycle times and boost in production times.

    #10 Flat Washer - Min 25

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    • Inner Diameter: 0.219"
    • Outer Diameter: 0.500"
    • Finish: Zinc
    • Bolt Size: #10
    • Material: Steel
    • Nominal Thickness: 0.046"