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    TETRIX MAX Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack

    Intended for use with the TETRIX MAX R/C Robotics Set, the TETRIX MAX Engineering Mobile Robotics Curriculum Pack applies students’ creativity to the field of robotics, helping them explore engineering, simple machines, torque, and power through a series of hands-on activities.


    Curriculum features:


    • More than six activities and four open-ended challenges that task groups of two to four students with creating robots that draw, dance, herd golf balls, and more
    • More than 35 hours of curriculum
    • Extensive coverage of mechanisms and mechanical systems concepts
    • Application of STEM knowledge and 21st-century skills
    • Progressive series of activities that culminate with open-ended challenges
    • Middle and high school correlations to Next Generation Science, Common Core Math and Language Arts, and ITEEA standards
    • Resources such as building instructions, assessment tools, and glossary along with teacher and student procedure outlines

    Download our curriculum sample.

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