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    This high-quality six-volt DC motor was made specifically for use with the TETRIX® PRIME building system. It has a two-wire DC gear head motor built into a servo case. The motor has 51 oz/in. of stall torque while possessing full-range PWM speed and directional control. 

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    Tetrix Max Motor Shaft Hubs pkg of 2


    TETRIX MAX Motor Shaft Hubs attaches wheels and gears to motor shafts. Each hub comes with a screw and is made of heavy-duty aluminum.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Size: 6 mm
    • Material: 7005 Aluminum
    • Note: Includes 10-32 set screw

    Tetrix Max Ultrasonic Sensor Pack


    This pack contains a noncontact distance measurement module that works at 42 kHz to transmit a digital signal to the TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller. The module detects the range of an object within 3 to 400 cm, enabling your robot to sense its surroundings. Comes with a mount, connecting sensor cable, and the hardware for attaching the sensor to the TETRIX hole pattern

    Axle Hubs pkg of 2


    Axle Hubs are used to attach gears and wheels to axles and axles to structural elements. Features heavy-duty aluminum construction.

    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Note: Includes 10-32 set screw

    3" Omni Wheels - 2 Pack

    (7 En stock)

    3" Omni Wheels Pack have the ability to drive robotics forward and laterally with the use of 10 rollers. 

    • Size: 3"
    • Quantity: pkg of 2
    • Material: nylon

    Tetrix Prime Programmable Set


    This set includes what you need for students to start building programmable robots with the TETRIX PULSE Robotics Controller.


    • TETRIX PULSE Robotics Controller with USB cable
    • Grove Line Finder and Ultrasonic Sensors
    • 290+ Tetrix Prime; aluminum and plastic pieces including structural elements, connectors, hubs, brackets, wheels, and gears plus a Gripper Kit
    • Rechargeable battery pack and charger
    • 2 standard servos and 2 six-volt DC motors
    • 4-in-1 screwdriver, 2-in-1 screwdriver, and hex nut driver
    • Sturdy storage bin
    • Balls and cups for robot course
    • Detailed and graphic programming guide

    Tetrix Max Line Finder Sensor Pack


    This pack contains a line-tracker module that transmits a digital signal to the TETRIX PRIZM Robotics Controller, enabling a robot to follow a black line on a white background or vice versa. The sensor consists of two parts: an IR-emitting LED and an IR-sensitive phototransistor. Comes with a mount, connecting sensor cable, and the hardware needed for attaching the sensor to the TETRIX hole pattern.