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    Thrifty Dead Axle Tube Roller Kit

    This new kit from Thriftybot allows you to drive 1.125" ID tubing in a number of ways. Using the Thrifty Metahub, plug into tubes and use your bearing bore of choice.


    Kit includes all of the following - 


    - QTY 2 Aluminum Thrifty Metahubs - 24 Tooth HTD pulley that support the following configurations -

    QTY 2 - 1" OD needle roller bearings for 3/4" OD tubes

    QTY 2 - 1/2" hex bearings for hex shafts

    QTY 2 - 3/8" ID bearings and a custom hex spacer. Run a 1/4-20 bolt thru your external material and then slip the roller tube in to connect the two hubs together.


    Note that this kit provides enough parts to create a full roller with aluminum hubs on each end.


    Thriftybot suggests this polycarbonate tubing from McMaster-Carr.


    Aluminum Metahub Weight: .15 lbs

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