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    AndyMark 100 Tooth 9 mm Wide 5 mm Pitch HTD Timing Belt

    These are all of our 9 mm wide 5 mm pitch HTD synchronous timing belt offerings. All of these belts are a composite of flexible rubber with a fiberglass tensile member throughout. Synchronous timing belts, also known as a toothed belt or synchronous belt, are designed to eliminate slippage and keep any number of objects rotating at a constant rate. We offer genuine Gates brand belts, AndyMark branded belts, as well as lower-cost generic brand belts.


    Current Belt Offerings


    Parts are organized by the following scheme: (Tooth Count - Trade Number - AndyMark part number)


    AndyMark Brand Belts

    • 30T - 150-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_30T
    • 35T - 175-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_35T
    • 40T - 200-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_40T
    • 45T - 225-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_45T
    • 50T - 250-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_50T
    • 55T - 275-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_55T
    • 60T - 300-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_60T
    • 64T - 320-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_64T
    • 65T - 325-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_65T
    • 70T - 350-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_70T
    • 75T - 375-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_75T
    • 80T - 400-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_80T
    • 85T - 425-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_85T
    • 90T - 450-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_90T
    • 91T - 455-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_91T
    • 93T - 465-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_93T
    • 95T - 475-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_95T
    • 100T - 500-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_100T
    • 105T - 525-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_105T
    • 106T - 530-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_106T
    • 110T - 550-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_110T
    • 115T - 575-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_115T
    • 120T - 600-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_120T
    • 121T - 605-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_121T
    • 125T - 625-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_125T
    • 130T - 650-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_130T
    • 135T - 675-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_135T
    • 136T - 680-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_136T
    • 140T - 700-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_140T
    • 145T - 725-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_145T
    • 150T - 750-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_150T
    • 152T - 760-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_152T
    • 160T - 800-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_160T
    • 167T - 835-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_167T
    • 170T - 850-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_170T
    • 180T - 900-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_180T
    • 190T - 950-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_190T
    • 200T - 1000-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_200T
    • 225T - 1125-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_225T
    • 250T - 1250-HTD-5M-9 - am-5209_250T
    MFR Part #: am-5209_100T
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    2" Compliant Wheel, 1/2 inch Hex, 35 Durometer Green

    (72 In stock)

    Compliant wheels are not intended for moving robots, but moving objects. Compliant wheels give way to allow rigid objects to be manipulated easily. A line of multiple wheels on a driven hex shaft creates a very effective roller that ignores variations in the objects being driven. This makes for high-performance intakes and internal conveyors. The wheels are sized for an interference fit and tend to stay in place on a shaft, though a shaft collar may be used to make absolutely sure the wheels stay clear of other mechanisms or maintain consistent spacing.


    The hex bore versions of this wheel are undersized, and are intended to be an interference fit on their respective hex shafts. This interference fit allows for effective torque transfer from the hex shaft to the wheel, as well as allowing the wheel to remain in place along the shaft without the need for spacers or collar clamps:


    Compliant Wheel Sizing


    Different durometer ratings give each wheel unique characteristics. Green wheels (35A durometer) are the softest and most compliant around objects, while orange (40A), maroon (45A), and blue (50A) wheels are increasingly firm. The increased firmness also allows the latter wheels to carry a higher RPM rating. Check out the downloads tab for a chart showing wheels and their maximum RPM. 





    • Bore: 1/2 in. Hex, 3/8 in. Hex, Nub Bore
    • Diameter: 2 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), ⠀40A (Orange), ⠀45A (Maroon), ⠀50A (Blue), 60A (Black)
    • Hole Pattern: Qty 2 3.5 mm Holes on a 16 mm Circle for 8 mm bore wheels
    • Material: TPU
    • Maximum RPM: 6000 - 9000
    • Weight: 0.035 lb.
    • Width: 0.5 in.



    Layout Print(s)

    am-3571 2IN 375 Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3462 2IN 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3572 2IN 8mm Compliant Wheel REV4.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3571 2IN 375Hex Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3572 2IN 8mm Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3462 2IN Molded 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    Additional File(s)

    2 inch Compliant Wheel Expansion.pdf

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    Bearing, 1/2 inch Hex Bore, Flanged, (FR8ZZ-HexHD)

    (87 In stock)

    This is a Heavy Duty Hex Bearing which outperforms our previous 1/2" Hex Bearings as it has a Heavy Duty Inner Race. This FR8ZZ-HexHD bearing, 1/2" hex bore, flanged, heavy duty inner race, shielded ball bearing, has an inner race that is thicker and stronger than our recent offering of a similar bearing (am-0279). This bearing has more material between the corners of the hex bore and the edge of the race making it stronger and much less likely to crack under high load.

    This bearing is guaranteed to have a stronger, thicker race. 100% of these bearings have been quality checked for a smooth fit over 1/2" hex stock here at AndyMark. Many of our long-time customers will recognize this bearing, as it is the same version we sold back in 2008-2011, and we did not have any failures. Now, it is renamed and quality checked for your high load needs - including drive chassis with cantilevered wheels.


    • Inside diameter: 0.500-0.502 inch hex bore
    • Outside diameter: 1.125 inch
    • Flange thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall thickness: 0.312 inch
    • Weight: 0.05 pound

    6" HiGrip Rubber Tread Wheel Rev2

    (In stock)

    FTC Note: This product is NOT legal for FTC, we recommend our Stealth Wheel.

    Product Overview: 
    This is a 6" diameter wheel with a polycarbonate body and a TPU rubber "HiGrip" tread profile. This wheel features a 77A durometer tread material that is durable with long-life wear characteristics. Use this wheel for great tread life and good drivetrain response. 

    We feel that these wheels are a more durable option for teams' drivetrains. While they provide good traction, they make for a maintenance-free wheel for the average team. Under normal circumstances we feel that these wheels will last most FIRST Robotics Competition teams the entire season. 
    No bearings or hubs are included in this wheel. 


    • Diameter: 6 inches
    • Body Material: Polycarbonate, black
    • Tread Material: TPU rubber, 77a durometer
    • Bore: 0.95 inch, with bearing pockets of 1.124 inch diameter x 0.25 inch deep on both sides
    • Weight: 0.5 pound
    • Bolt Pattern: six holes (0.17 inch diameter) on a 1.875 inch diameter bolt circle
    • Coefficient of friction: 0.95-1.0 static (on tight pile carpet)
    • Coefficient of friction on HDPE: 0.31
    • Side Load: In excess of 600 lbs at tread surface
    • Load capacity: 90 pounds


    • Use #10-24x3/4 thread forming screws to attach sprockets or hubs to this wheel. 

    With Axle and Hub:

    • If you wish to drive this wheel with an Axle and Hub, you can pick your hub by fitting any of the AndyMark hubs (not included) to this wheel. If this is your choice, then no bearing is needed. Use #10-24x3/4 thread forming screws to fasten a hub to this wheel.

    With Sprocket:

    • If you wish to drive this wheel with a sprocket, then the sprocket needs to be attached to the side of the wheel, and two ball bearingsneed to be pressed into the wheel (one on each side). The ball bearing must have a 1.125" od. For a 1/2" id, use am-0181 or am-0029. For a 3/8" id, use am-0209. Use #10-24x3/4 thread forming screws to fasten the sprocket to the wheel.

    With Bearings:

    • To press bearings into this wheel (for a free spinning wheel or for use with a sprocket), two ball bearings need to be pressed into the wheel (one on each side). The ball bearing must have a 1.125" od. For a 1/2" id, use am-0181 or am-0029. For a 3/8" id, use am-0209.

    4" Stealth Wheel, 1/2 Hex Bore, Orange,40A Durometer (am-2647_orange)

    (40 In stock)

    The inside black portion of this wheel is made from molded polycarbonate plastic. The outer tread is TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane). This robust but lightweight wheel provides good traction on carpet and soft tiles. Stealth wheels are the perfect drive wheel for smaller (<50 lb.) robots, or for intakes and other auxiliary robot mechanisms. These wheels are available in a variety of bores and durometers. 4 in. Stealth Wheels feature a 6 bolt pattern on a 1.875 in. bolt circle for mounting sprockets, hubs, and gears. Nub Bore Stealth Wheels feature a 4 bolt pattern on a 16 mm bolt circle found in most FIRST Tech Challenge building systems. The lower the durometer the softer the wheel is, this makes it wear away faster, but also makes it more grippy.

    Product Usage:
    Many thread locking materials are not compatible with polycarbonate and can eat away at the plastic. Be sure to check which adhesives are okay to use with this product.


    • Bore: 1/2 in. Hex, 3/8 in. Hex, Nub Bore, 5 mm Hex
    • Diameter: 2 in., 4 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), ⠀40A (Orange), ⠀50A (Blue), ⠀60A (Black), ⠀80A (Gray)
    • Hole Pattern: Qty 4 3.5 mm Holes on a 16 mm Circle for 8 mm bore wheels
    • Material: TPU, Polycarbonate
    • Weight: 0.23lb, 0.1lb
    • Width: 1 in.


    Layout Print(s)

    am-3664 2in 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV4.PDF

    am-3156 2IN 8mm Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3436 2in 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3155 2in 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3665 4in 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-2648 4IN 8mm Stealth Wheel REV5.PDF

    am-3435 4in 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-2647 4in 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3664 2in 5mm Hex Bore Stealth Wheel REV3.STEP

    am-3156 2IN 8mm Stealth Wheel.STEP

    am-3436 2IN 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3155 2IN 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3665 4IN 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-2647 4inWheel 500 Hex REV2.STEP

    am-3435 4in Wheel Integrated Hub 375 HEX with Tread REV2.STEP

    am-2648 4inWheel 8mm Hub REV2.STEP

    25 Series Symmetrical Hub Sprockets 500Hex, 14 Tooth

    (10 In stock)

    The 25 Series Plate Sprockets: They roll! They turn! They spin! Everything you could possibly want from a plate sprocket.


    These Aluminum sprockets work perfectly with hex shaft and mesh with #25 roller chain.

    Compact Linear Slide Extension Spring


    Steel Extension Spring with Loop Ends.  As this spring is stretched, it gets harder to pull.  Be aware of the maximum load as it may break with more than this force applied.


    This one is 1 in. long and is used in the Compact Linear Slide



    • Material: Music-Wire Steel
    • Maximum Load (lbs.): 3.64
    • Outside Diameter: 0.25 in.
    • RoHS: RoHS 3 (2015/863/EU) Compliant