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    What is Robot Prototyping?
    0 What is Robot Prototyping?

     If you are building a robot for a robotics competition, class project, or your own personal joy - prototyping is a crucial step in engineering design. After you have decided what you want your robot to do and adjusted for any specific parameters, you can start to brainstorm what your design will be. Once you have your design sketched out or a CAD model created, it is time to test and refine. In simple terms, robot prototyping is the process of taking your ideas, creating a preliminary mock-up o...

    WorldSkills ASEAN Singapore 2023 Mobile Robotics Competition
    0 WorldSkills ASEAN Singapore 2023 Mobile Robotics Competition

    Every two years aspiring individuals from ASEAN Member States convene to exhibit their skills during the WorldSkills ASEAN Competition. Studica was thrilled to be in Singapore this July as a Gold Sponsor for the WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 competition. Teams came from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

    WorldSkills ASEAN

    WorldSkills ASEAN Mobile Robotics

    WorldSkills ASEAN Mobile Robotics

    There were 10 competitors in 5 teams for the Mobile Robotics event. The Gold Medal winners for Mobile Robotics were Aquila Ng ...