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    Jamaica: Leveraging Mobile Robotics to Inspire Innovation

    Jamaica: Leveraging Mobile Robotics to Inspire Innovation

    WorldSkills Jamaica Autonomous Mobile Robotics Invitational Training CampJamaica is a country committed to excellence and skills development. Recently, the WorldSkills Jamaica Autonomous Mobile Robotics Invitational Training Camp was held to advance Jamaica's skills program in robotics, enhance skills, and build enthusiasm. The training covered tasks like connecting and integrating the various hardware elements that make up a robot including structure components, motors, sensors, and processors. Wiring, compatibility, and programming for autonomous functionality were also covered. This training highlighted Jamaica's continuing mission to evolve, upskill, and empower with the skills for a successful and thriving future.

    As a Global Partner for WorldSkills, the Studica Robotics Team collaborated with WorldSkills Jamaica for this week-long training. The first four days were training sessions that increased in intensity. On the final day, trainees participated in a Robotics Challenge and Exhibition showcasing the skills and knowledge they obtained. Training topics included strategies for vision programming, robot environment interactions, principles of programming for robotic systems, and more.

    Promoting Mobile Robotics Skills

    WorldSkills Jamaica Autonomous Mobile Robotics Invitational Training CampFor WorldSkills Jamaica and the HEART/NSTA Trust, this workshop signifies an important step to further advance Jamaica's skills programs, particularly in robotics. By fostering collaboration and nurturing talent in Autonomous Mobile Robotics, they aim to propel Jamaica towards innovation, productivity, and prosperity.

    This comprehensive, hands-on training was designed to nurture a passion for robotics and present this skill as a pathway to diverse career opportunities. It was also an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Competition happening this September in France. Jamaica will compete with over 65 countries and regions at this event.

    What Did this Robotics Training Cover?

    WorldSkills Jamaica Autonomous Mobile Robotics Invitational Training CampParticipants were instructed about the theory and operations of mobile robotics, design, programming, and manufacturing. Leveraging the Stack Robot Kit and the WorldSkills Competition 2024 Autonomous Mobile Robotics Collection, attendees were given an opportunity for hands-on learning. Participants rolled up their sleeves, assembled, and prepared their robots to complete assigned actions. Problem-solving and innovation are core principles of STEM and STEAM education and this immersive training focused on both.

    The Stack Robot Kit includes a variety of advanced sensors and offers depth features. It is a great tool for exploring autonomous mobile robotics, SLAM, teleoperation, mapping, and localization. The WorldSkills Collection includes over 1,600 components providing everything needed to complete a fully-functioning robot that can compete in the WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics event.  

    Charting a Path Towards Excellence

    WorldSkills Jamaica Autonomous Mobile Robotics Invitational Training CampThe enthusiasm at this event was contagious and highlighted Jamaica's belief that every child matters and every child can make a life out of skills.

    This sentiment is echoed by WorldSkills, an organization focused on improving our world with the power of skills. Studica Robotics is humbled and proud to be a Global Partner of WorldSkills, the official exclusive product supplier for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition for Lyon 2024, and to have played a part in this empowering training. This training focused on robotics skills and excellence. Studica Robotics is thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this future-oriented, skills-focused event. We can't wait to see everyone in Lyon for the WorldSkills 2024 competition. We hope that more countries are inspired by Jamaica's commitment to advancing the skill of autonomous mobile robotics.

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