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    770MX Enclosure Kit

    The 770MX Enclosure Kit is a full machine enclosure for the 770MX CNC mill that increases safety while allowing complete view of operations

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    Flood Coolant Kit (1/8 HP) for 1100M/MX and 770M/MX

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    The Flood Coolant Kit (1/8 hp) flushes chips and swarf from the cutting zone.

    Tormach 770MX - Standard Package

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    The 770MX is equipped with a trio of servo motors, an encoder for rigid tapping, and a BT30 spindle. Faster travel speeds cut down program times, and a beefier spindle chews through aluminum, titanium, hardened steels, and alloys without a concern of tool pullout.


    The 770MX Standard Package includes a stand, enclosure, power drawbar, touchscreen, tooling, and more.




    770MX Mill

    770MX / 770M Stand

    770MX Chip Tray

    770MX Enclosure Kit

    Manual Oil Pump

    Lifting Bar Kit

    770MX Owner's Kit

    PathPilot Controller - Rev. C

    Touch Screen Kit

    Waterproof Mouse

    Waterproof Mini-Keyboard

    Jog Shuttle Controller

    Controller Arm

    BT30 Operator's Kit (Inch)








    Waterproof Mouse


    The Waterproof Mouse is an industrial-rated optical mouse with a waterproof, silicone surface.

    Waterproof Mini-Keyboard


    The Waterproof Mini-Keyboard is a industrial-rated, compact keyboard with a waterproof, silicone surface.


    This compact, molded silicone keyboard is fully sealed and resists water, coolants, dirt, chips, and debris, making it ideal for use in manufacturing and production environments. Rated for industrial use and easy to clean, it operates in dirty and wet environments that would damage an ordinary keyboard and features:

    • Rigid back panel
    • Resistance rating of IP65
    • 6 ft (1.83 m) USB cord

    Door Lock Switch Kit

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    The Door Lock Switch Kit reduces risk by allowing you to lock enclosure doors during potentially hazardous machining operations. Its high-force lock mechanism makes sure the doors stay closed, and its plug-and-play integration enables you to quickly install it on the enclosure.




    • 1100M
    • 1100MX
    • 770M
    • 770MX
    • PathPilot 2.1.6 or later




    • Mill enclosure


    What’s In the Box?


    • Door switch
    • Mounting hardware

    1100M/M+/MX PathPilot Operator Console

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    Touchscreen Machine Control Console with Jog Pendant and Override Knobs