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    FIRST Tech Challenge Sizing Tool

    Want to ensure your robot is within its legal size? Remove all doubt with the FIRST approved FIRST Tech Challenge Sizing Tool. Simply slide the sizing jig over and around your robot. If the tool hits your robot, OOPS, time to make some changes to the robot. This nifty tool collapses into a flat pack making it easy to store for teams and easy to transport for event coordinators.



    • A light weight tool less than seven pounds
    • Collapsible easily transportable design
    • Outriggers provide stability
    • Elevator bolts double as guides for sizing tool to ride along
    • Officially approved by FIRST as a means to measure robots for FIRST Tech Challenge




    • Material: Clear polycarbonate (~0.25 in. thick)
    • Weight: 8 lbs
    # Pièce: am-3870
    Disponibilité: 1 en stock
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