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    Studica Robotics FTC Starter Kit (2023-2024)

    (En stock)

    New for the 2023-2024 Season


    Download the Kit List here.

    FTC Teams are eligible to get 1 kit at a heavily discounted price. To apply for the discount please fill out this application form.


    This kit does not include any control system components.



    FTC Drive Base Chassis Kit


    The FTC Drive Base Kit v2 (70400-v2) is an upgrade from our first version (part # 70400). It includes our new slim mecanum wheels with bearings on all rollers, allowing you to make a wider base robot. It also has 4 NeveRest Orbital 20 Gearmotors with encoder cables, the new Clamping Shaft Hubs, 4 bumpers and complete hardware to complete the chassis.