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    Power Cable, offset Black/Red, 6 AWG Flex EPDM Jacket With SB50 2) Overall Length Of Cable: 22 in. .

    This is the SB connector side of the custom length robot power cable kit, and is offered as an option to those that are looking to customize further and do not want the ring terminal ends to be the same overall distance from the SB connector, or need a replacement cable.


    All wire connections are crimped with a 6-ton pneumatic crimping tool to ensure they are never the failure point.


    How to Customize:


    1. Select your Cable Gauge and Type
    2. Select the overall cable length, which does not included the SB connector
    3. Select the length of the Red Wire side, which is typically the length between the SB connector and the 120A Breaker


    Note: Lengths are +/- 0.5 in.

    # Pièce: am-4479_B22R09
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