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    TETRIX® MAX R/C Motor Controller

    Take control of your TETRIX® DC motors – this controller plugs into your TETRIX wireless gamepad receiver (sold separately) to enable you to control the speed and direction of two TETRIX 12-volt DC motors.

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    Tetrix Max Servo Y Connector


    Tetrix Max Servo Y Connector connects two servos to one channel.

    Tetrix Max Servo Extension


    Tetrix Max Servo Extension gives your servo a little more room to roam with this extension.

    Tetrix Prime Miniature Ball-point HEX Driver


    Tetrix Prime Miniature Ball-point HEX Driver is a great tool for securing the Tetrix Prime; Thumbscrews and Socket Head Cap Screws. 6" blade length. 7/64" hex size.

    TETRIX MAX TorqueNADO Motor Gearbox 20:1

    (6 En stock)

    These gearboxes are designed with the same 37 mm diameter as the original 60:1 gearbox, while using the same 6 mm D-shaft and alignment pins, so getting the additional speed you need is a breeze.

    Tetrix Max Pen Screw Driver 4-in-1


    Tetrix Max Pen Screw Driver 4-in-1 is an adjustable screwdiver featuring two capped ends – an end with Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. Plus, each end features a small and extra-small size – just pull out each end and flip it around to the other style of head. Great for small projects and electronics. Features a clip to help keep it in your pocket, so you don’t lose this handy tool!

    Tetrix Max Hex Key Pack


    Tetrix Max Hex Key Pack comes with all four sizes of Hex Keys needed for TETRIX hex pieces. Includes one each of 7/64", 3/32", 1/16", and 5/64" keys.