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    Tormach xsTECH Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

    12" x 5.95" x 0.575" 6061 Aluminum Fixture & Tooling Plate for Tormach xsTECH Routers. 

     Holes are 0.75" on center.  Every hole is tapped 1/4"-20.

    # Pièce: SMW XSTECH
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    Studica xsTECH Cutting Tool Kit

    (6 En stock)

    Studica 6 piece tool kit for the xsTech Router


    • Code: 1028
    • Material: Carbide
    • Coating: DLC
    • Shank diameter: 4 mm
    • Overall length: 50 mm

    Tormach xsTECH Router

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    (9 En stock)

    The xsTECH Router is a desktop CNC ready to use out of the box. It's small enough to fit in a craftroom or makerspace, and it's capable enough to cuts all manners of plastics, woods, and even aluminum.


    The see-through enclosure offers safe use and controls dust that can muck up your space and electronics.


    This product is evaluated to the Model Code SPE-1000 and is ESA/CSA approved according to National Standards, for use in Canada when purchased through Studica.






    1/4" Mod Vise 1
    1/4" Fixturing Pins 2
    Soft Jaws 1 Pair
    Talon Grips 4
    Reversible Jaw Insert

    xsTECH Cutting Tool Kit

    (1 En stock)

    Replacement tool kit for the xsTech Router