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    Battery Beak for FRC

    ( 2 In stock)

    This is a battery load tester, capable of delivering an 18 amp load and measuring:

    • Internal resistance
    • State of charge (SOC)
    • Can determine the overall health of the battery


    The Battery Beak supports all battery chemistries but has additional features to determine battery health for both Lead Acid and NiMH chemistries in a variety of voltages and capacities. The Battery Beak mates directly with the SB-50A connector used in the FIRST Robotics Competition, but we've created bundles for FIRST Tech Challenge and Vex Robotics users to give them the same great experience. These bundles ship with the Battery Beak configured for the correct battery type and with the appropriate adapter cable for those battery terminals.

    The high resolution OLED display displays all the information you need for a quick decision on battery health:

    • Internal resistance
    • SOC
    • Open-load voltage
    • Voltage at 1 amp and 18 amps
    • Battery status of 'Good', 'Fair' or 'Bad'

    The internal resistance measurement is useful in determining if any bad cells are present. When the Battery Beak is used to track a battery's internal resistance over time and compared to its manufacturer specs, it is possible to determine when to take a battery out of service before a failure occurs. The built in powerdown feature allows the Beak to be connected to your battery indefinitely without draining your battery. The housing of the Beak is a durable ABS/Polycarbonate blend and mates directly to the Anderson SB-50A connector.

    Included with this part is the Battery Beak and a stylish lanyard.

    FIRST Tech Challenge Version Overview (am-3430):

    This version of the Battery Beak is designed with FIRST Tech Challenge teams in mind. When you order this version, your Battery Beak will arrive configured for the 12V 3Ah NiMH batteries used in FIRST Tech Challenge. You will also receive the new SB-50A to Tamiya and PowerPole cable necessary to connect to your batteries, whether you left them stock or converted them to PowerPole connectors.

    Included Hardware:


    • One - FIRST Tech Challenge Battery Configured Battery Beak
    • One - SB-50A to Tamiya Adapter (am-2070a) Note: Don't use both the Tamiya and PowerPole connectors at the same time. It will form a complete circuit, which could damage your batteries.

    Vex Version Overview (am-3431):

    This version of the Battery Beak was made for Vex users! Your Battery Beak will come configured for Vex's 7.2V 3000mAh NiMH batteries, and it will have the adapter cable you need to connect to Vex batteries.

    If you use the 2000 mAh batteries, you can reconfigure your Battery Beak in seconds to support the different capacity. Instructions are in the User Manual (PDF).


    Included Hardware:

    • One - Vex Battery Configured Battery Beak
    • One - SB-50A to Tamiya Adapter (am-2070a) Note: Don't use both the Tamiya and PowerPole connectors at the same time. It will form a complete circuit, which could damage your batteries.

    Computerized Battery Analyzer with accessories

    ( 4 In stock)

    The computerized Battery Analyzer is much more than a simple battery voltage tester or a battery load tester. It will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry or number of cells, up to 55 volts. We are making this tester available with accessories intended for FIRST legal batteries, although teams may purchase the CBA without accessories and create their own cables for testing other battery types.


    The CBA not only tests the total amount of energy stored within a battery (capacity in amp-hours), but also graphically displays and charts the voltage versus time under a constant current load. Graphs may be displayed, saved and printed, and the axis parameters can be changed at any time. Multiple test graphs of the same battery, or multiple batteries, may be compared or overlaid; a very useful feature for teams looking to test capacity and performance of their batteries as they age.


    To run a test:

    • Install the CBA IV software
    • Connect the battery tester to your computer
    • Connect a fully charged battery to the battery tester
    • Click the "New Test File" Button 
      • If you wish to add an additional test to an existing file chose "Append Test" instead.
    • In the New Test window do the following.
      • Select "Discharge" on the left
      • In the blue box on the right click the "Detect" button
        • For an FRC Battery fill in the following settings: Lead Acid, 13.2V, 6 Cells
        • Enter the Ah of the battery 
          • Usually 18 for FRC batteries
      • Enter a name for the battery at the top under "Test Name:" and label the battery with this name for future comparison
      • In the center of the screen set "Cutoff V:" 
        • This is the voltage that the battery will be depleted to. 
        • For an FRC Battery we recommend 10.5
      • In the center of the screen set "Test Amps:"
        • This is the load that the tester will apply to the battery for the duration of the test.  
        • For an FRC Battery we recommend 7.5
          • This is the highest the tester can do on an FRC battery and will result in the fastest test. 
      • Click "Start" 
    • The test will now run for anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours 
      • Do not move or touch the battery at all during the test 
      • Pausing the test will result in a bad portion of data around the pause and is not recommended
    • When the test is complete a dialogue box will appear informing you of the result and the graph will be complete
      • Click "OK" and repeat the test for another battery. 


    The critical number to look for is amp hours (Ah) after the test. If the graph crosses the 10.5V at less than 12Ah after 2 consecutive tests from a fully charged state we recommend not using this battery in competition due to the increased risk of brownouts, especially near the end of a match. Such batteries should be marked and only used for things like practice, demos, or testing. 

    AM14U4 Family Vertical Battery Mount Kit

    ( 1 In stock)

    This battery tray mounts perfectly into the AM14U family of chassis. The hook and loop strap then secures batteries into the tray. It surrounds the battery and holds it in a vertical orientation. There is a tab and included hardware to bolt down either the SB120 or SB50 robot side battery connector. Keep your battery secure and safe during those sudden hits with this kit.

    AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Strap

    (In stock)

    This strap is used to secure the battery in place when using the AM14U Family Vertical Battery Mount Kit (am-3964a).



    Battery Base Mounting Package

    (In stock)

    This is a product created by eStop Robotics. The genius of this design is the molded piece that interfaces with features in the 12 volt sealed battery used in competition robotics. The Battery Base molded plastic piece interfaces with a robot battery, while the fastening strap holds the battery onto the Battery Base. This provides a secure method of mounting a battery to a mobile robot base.

    Battery Cable Hardware Kit

    ( 36 In stock)

    This Battery Cable Hardware kit is all you need to create secure connections for one of your am-3062 batteries.


    Included Hardware:


    • One - 2 Inch Long 4 AWG Red Shrink Tube
    • One - Battery Sticker
    • Two - 10-32 Nylock Nut (am-1042)
    • Two - 10-32 x 0.625 Inch Socket Head Cap Screw (am-1007)
    • Two - 2" Long 0.75 Inch Diameter Black Shrink Tube
    • Two - #10 Lock Washer (am-1148)
    • Four - #10 Washer (am-1026)

    Note - this kit is meant for securing your battery cables but does not include any cables. We recommend am-0009 or am-3777 for use with this kit.

    NOCO Battery Charger 3 Bank Connectors: SB50 Connectors

    ( 4 In stock)

    NOCO Genius Gen Series 5A 1 and 3 bank Battery Charger

    This charger is a must have tool for competition robotics teams and hobbyists using 12-volt lead-acid (flooded, gel, AGM) or lithium-ion batteries. NOCO chargers charge batteries to 100% specific gravity every charge, and are able to adjust current in the absorption and finish stages based on the battery's communication with the charger.


    There are up to 3 unique charging banks included in these chargers, meaning that you can charge up to three batteries at a time. Each bank has a capacity of 5 amps. This charger supplies a safe amperage level to charge 12V lead acid batteries quickly. The charger is engineered for occasions which need a charging system that may require the battery to be left on the charger for days at a time.

    We have installed your choice of SB50 and SB120 connectors on each of the charging circuits, which makes this charger ready for FRC robot batteries right out of the box. 

    Ensure that the batteries have had sufficient time to cool before charging. Neglecting this step may be detrimental to the longevity and overall performance of the batteries.