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    8 in. HD Pneumatic Wheel 1.125 in. Bearing Bore

    This pneumatic wheel offers a significant hub strength improvement over our popular plastic-hubbed 8in. Pneumatic WheelThis variant of this strong wheel features a 1.125 Bearing Bore, which is a perfect choice for building a dead-axle style drivetrain, or for adding non-1/2 hex hubs for live axle configurations. The hub of the wheel is comprised of a machined aluminum core, with two flat machined plates bolted to it to retain the tube and tire. This product is great for both FRC drivetrain applications, or non-FIRST outdoor applications as well.



    • Weight: 1.363 lbs




    CAD File(s)

    am-3935 Aluminum 8IN Pneumatic Bearing Bore Wheel.STEP

    Layout Print(s)

    am-3935 8IN HD Pneumatic Wheel 1.125IN Bearing Bore.PDF

    # Pièce: am-3935
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