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    Polybelt Welder Hot Knife

    This hot knife is a convenient way to seal the end of a fraying rope or melt the ends of Polybelt to make a loop. 

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    Polybelt Rollers (1/2 Hex Bore)

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    Polybelt Welder Clamp Tool

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    This assembly is used to easily make custom lengths of Polybelt loops. A set of thumb screws are included to make clamping belt ends simple. The over-center linkage makes it easy to bring the melted belt ends together and hold in place while the belt cools. This makes installing a custom-length polybelt loop on your mechanism easier than ever. This tool can accept polyurethane belts up to 2 inches wide. 



    1.) Place cut belt ends under the clamping plates with about 1/16 inch hanging toward the inside. If using 1 or 2 inch wide belt, align the sides to the alignment notches.


    2.) Tighten the thumb screws on both sides until the belt is snug.

    3.) Using a heat source like our Belt Welding Hot Knife (am-5284) heat up the belt ends until they start to melt.

    4.) Once the ends start to melt, immediately close the clamp to press the melted ends together.

    5.) When cool, loosen the thumb screws on the slotted sides of the clamp (note indicator holes for reference) and remove clamp from belt. 

    10 ft Black Polybelt Roll

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    Polybelt is particularly useful in FRC for a myriad of applications. This 1 in. wide belt comes in a 10 foot roll. Cut it into custom lengths to suit your needs.


    To form a continuous belt, cut the polybelt to length, ensuring the end is square. Next heat both ends of the belt until they start to melt and press the melted ends together. Be sure to keep the belt ends aligned when welding them together to help the belt run straight. When the belt cools, extra melted polyurethane can be trimmed back if desired and it's ready to be used.


    We recommend the use of a Belt Welding Hot Knife (am-5284) and our Belt Welder Clamp (am-5285) for ease of polybelt welding.

    0.5 inch Hex Aluminum Spacer Stock 36 inch length

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    Sourcing the right stock for the right job can be hard sometimes. No longer is that true for 1/2 inch hex spacer stock! Offered in precisely machined 1.2 inch sections as well as one three and six foot lengths (plus or minus 0.125".) This rigid stock can be cut and used in any assembly you can think of. Gearbox design? Yup. Drive train design? Yep. Manipulator design? Yep! Why stop a spacers, you can even use it to couple 2 shafts together and transfer crazy amounts of torque or cover it in grippy material and use it as a game piece roller.