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    Powerpole Kit 50 White Housing 50 Contacts

    This is a kit of loose components to get you up and running for implementing brushless motors or other signal wires. This kit includes Powerpole PP45 housings in white 50 count and 50 contacts.

    The contacts are rated for 45 amps, and sized for 10-12 gauge wire. We recommend our a crimp tool for making cables.

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    4" Compliant Wheel, 1/2" Hex Bore, 35A Durometer, Green

    (En stock)

    Compliant wheels are not intended for moving robots, but moving objects. Compliant wheels give way to allow rigid objects to be manipulated easily. A line of multiple wheels on a driven hex axle creates a very effective roller that ignores variations in the objects being driven. This makes for high-performance intakes and internal conveyors.

    Different durometer ratings give each wheel unique characteristics. Green wheels (35A durometer) are the softest and most compliant around objects, while orange (40A), maroon (45A), blue (50A), and black (60A) wheels are increasingly firm. The increased firmness also allows the latter wheels to carry a higher RPM rating. Check out the downloads tab for a chart showing wheels and their maximum RPM. 


    Please note maroon wheels are only intended for use in FTC. If more powerful motors are used to drive it the spokes may fail.





    • Bore: 1/2 in. Hex, 3/8 in. Hex, Nub Bore, 5 mm Hex
    • Diameter: 4 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), ⠀40A (Orange), ⠀45A (Maroon), ⠀50A (Blue), ⠀60A (Black), ⠀80A (Gray)
    • Hole Pattern: Qty 4 3.5 mm Holes on a 16 mm Circle for 8 mm bore wheels
    • Material: TPU, ⠀Polycarbonate
    • Maximum RPM: 3000-9000
    • Weight: 0.228 - 0.269 Lbs
    • Width: 1 in.


    Layout Print(s)

    am-3562 4IN 375Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3563 4IN 8mm Compliant Wheel REV4.PDF

    am-3480 4IN 500Hex Compliant Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-4538 4IN 5mm Hex Compliant Wheel.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3562 4IN 375Hex Bore Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3563 4IN 8mm Round Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3480 4IN 500Hex Bore Compliant Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-4538 4IN 5mm Hex Compliant Wheel.STEP


    4 inch Compliant Wheel Expansion.pdf

    1/2" Churro, 6 FT +/- 0.125" (am-3101-6)

    (En stock)

    Churro is a versatile extruded aluminum hex profile. The outside of this part is a 1/2 in. hex with small concave dimples which act as weight savings. There is an inside hole is sized at 0.2 in. in order to fit 1/4-20 thread forming screws. No tapping or threading is needed, as long as a thread forming screw is used. The outside hex size fits a 1/2 in. wrench or socket. 

    The 3-foot churro, our most popular length and the best value on shipping, is available anodized in red, blue, purple, gold and black to dress up your robot. Anodized finish is hardy and doesn't flake off or add thickness like paint, but it is possible for a scratch to expose the bare metal beneath. Take basic precautions in your shop like watching for sharp tools or overtightening this churro in a vise.


    • Material: 6005A Aluminum
    • Inside diameter: 0.231 in.
    • Outside width: 0.495 in. Hex, across flats
    • Length: Selectable Above
    • Weight: 0.16 lbs/ft

    500 Hex Hub

    (En stock)

    500 Hex Hub. This hub fits all AndyMark wheels. 

    The bolt pattern is designated as 6 holes evenly spaced on a 1.875" diameter bolt circle. The hex broach is consistently cut to be aligned with the holes.


    • Material: 6061 Aluminum
    • Bore: 0.501-505" hex bore (broached)
    • Bolt Pattern: 0.204" diameter holes, evenly spaced on a 1.875" diameter bolt circle
    • Boss diameter: 0.956" - 0.96"
    • Outside diameter: 2.25"
    • Weight: 0.104 pounds

    The mounting holes and the hex bore are now aligned and consistent.

    Aluminum Hex Shaft Stock, 1/2" width, 7075 6'

    (24 En stock)

    Do you have a hard time finding some strong hex stock aluminum? We have it! This is 7075 series aluminum, which is great for use in transmission shafts.



    • Material: 7075 Aluminum
    • Width: 1/2" hex (0.496-0.499 inches)
    • Weight: 0.27 pounds/ft
    • Length: You specify, 1 foot, 3 feet or 6 foot in length, +/- 1"

    Powerpole Crimp Tool 15/30/45

    (82 En stock)

    This crimp tool is the ultimate Powerpole crimper. The jaws work for 15, 30, and 45 connectors. This crimp tool has a built-in positioner to hold the contacts during crimping. The ratchet mechanism assures proper crimps every time.


    The 15 amp connector and be crimped with 16 28 and 20 AWG wire. The 30 amp connector can be crimped with 12 and 14 AWG wire. 45 amp connector can be crimped with 10-12 AWG wire.

    Red Bumper Material, 161in x 19.5in

    (En stock)

    RED Cordura nylon bumper fabric material. Each piece is 161 x 19.5 inches, enough to cover the entire perimeter of your FRC robot. The material is heavy-duty nylon cloth, much like the material used on backpacks.


    Additional Information:

    We also have stick-on numbers available (not included with the material).



    • Color: Red
    • Denier: 1000
    • Length: 161 in.
    • Material: Nylon
    • Width: 19.5 in.