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    SB120 Anderson Powepole 4 Gauge Connector with Contacts

    Looking to expand your robot battery cables? Well 4 AWG just may be the answer for you. The larger wire gauge provides less resistance and therefore can prolong your battery life. Just hooking up cable straight to a battery is not recommended, which is where this connector kit comes in. This SB120 Connector handles 48V and provides a quick connect and disconnect from battery to robot.




    • Gauge: 4 AWG
    • Material: Red Plastic, Copper
    • Weight: 0.2 lbs
    # Pièce: am-3858
    Disponibilité: 4 en stock
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    SB-50A Anderson Powerpole Connector with Contacts

    (En stock)

    Anderson Power Products Connector with 2 contacts. 


    • Material (APP Connector): Red Plastic
    • Weight: 0.060
    • Mounting holes: 0.15" diameter, 3/4" apart

    Included Hardware:

    • One - SB-50A red plastic connector
    • Two - Anderson Power Products crimp contacts (sized for 6 gauge wire)

    4 Gauge Robot Side Red & Black Power Cable

    (En stock)

    This four gauge power cable is used on the robot to connect a 120 Amp Breaker (am-0282) and a Power Distribution Panel (am-2856) to a power component. This multi-strand wire is securely crimped and protected with heat shrink tubing. The tip-to-tip length is approximately five inches. This cable is used in the 4 Gauge Robot Power Cable Kit. Both end connectors of cable are crimped with a 6-ton pneumatic linkage crimping tool, and utilizes an Anderson SB120 for connecting to your power source. 


    • Gauge: 4
    • Weight: 0.562 Pounds
    • Connector Type: Anderson SB120
    • Overall Length: ~14 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
    • Red Wire Length (SB120 to Lug): ~ 9.5 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)
    • Black Wire Length (SB120 to Lug): ~ 16 in. (+/- 0.25 in.)