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    4" Solid Urethane Wheel 1/2" Hex Bore - 45A Durometer

    This is a 1.5" thick 45A durometer urethane wheel with a half inch hex bore. Great for accelerating game objects or for when low compression is desired. 4 inch outer diameter.

    # Pièce: TTB-0106
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    Split Collar Clamp 1/2 in. Hex HD

    (185 En stock)

    This new custom designed collar clamp has been designed specifically with FIRST Robotics Competition teams in mind. This product is Out of Stock until Mid March

    4" Stealth Wheel, 1/2 Hex Bore, Orange,40A Durometer (am-2647_orange)

    (70 En stock)

    The inside black portion of this wheel is made from molded polycarbonate plastic. The outer tread is TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane). This robust but lightweight wheel provides good traction on carpet and soft tiles. Stealth wheels are the perfect drive wheel for smaller (<50 lb.) robots, or for intakes and other auxiliary robot mechanisms. These wheels are available in a variety of bores and durometers. 4 in. Stealth Wheels feature a 6 bolt pattern on a 1.875 in. bolt circle for mounting sprockets, hubs, and gears. Nub Bore Stealth Wheels feature a 4 bolt pattern on a 16 mm bolt circle found in most FIRST Tech Challenge building systems. The lower the durometer the softer the wheel is, this makes it wear away faster, but also makes it more grippy.

    Product Usage:
    Many thread locking materials are not compatible with polycarbonate and can eat away at the plastic. Be sure to check which adhesives are okay to use with this product.


    • Bore: 1/2 in. Hex, 3/8 in. Hex, Nub Bore, 5 mm Hex
    • Diameter: 2 in., 4 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), ⠀40A (Orange), ⠀50A (Blue), ⠀60A (Black), ⠀80A (Gray)
    • Hole Pattern: Qty 4 3.5 mm Holes on a 16 mm Circle for 8 mm bore wheels
    • Material: TPU, Polycarbonate
    • Weight: 0.23lb, 0.1lb
    • Width: 1 in.


    Layout Print(s)

    am-3664 2in 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV4.PDF

    am-3156 2IN 8mm Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3436 2in 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3155 2in 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-3665 4in 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-2648 4IN 8mm Stealth Wheel REV5.PDF

    am-3435 4in 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    am-2647 4in 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV3.PDF

    CAD File(s)

    am-3664 2in 5mm Hex Bore Stealth Wheel REV3.STEP

    am-3156 2IN 8mm Stealth Wheel.STEP

    am-3436 2IN 375Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3155 2IN 500Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-3665 4IN 5mm Hex Stealth Wheel REV2.STEP

    am-2647 4inWheel 500 Hex REV2.STEP

    am-3435 4in Wheel Integrated Hub 375 HEX with Tread REV2.STEP

    am-2648 4inWheel 8mm Hub REV2.STEP

    3/8 inch id Flanged, Shielded Ball Bearing (FR6ZZ)

    (En stock)

    3/8" id shielded, flanged ball bearing 


    • Inside Diameter: 0.375 inch
    • Outside Diameter: 0.875 inch
    • Flange Thickness: 0.062 inch
    • Overall Thickness: 0.280 inch
    • Weight: 0.026 pounds
    • Material: Steel

    Sushi Roller Intake Wheels - 1/2 in. Hex, 40a (Orange)


    The Sushi Roller Intake Wheels are an excellent choice for robot intakes, internal conveyors, feeder mechanisms, or anywhere you need a durable, compact and grippy roller. These rollers are made with a robust polycarbonate hex bore hub, so no external hub is necessary - just slide them onto a hex shaft, constrain them axially and you are good to go. Available in a range of durometers for a wide variety of applications, these cute little rollers are great for getting a grip on things!



    • Bore: 0.5 in. Hex, 5 mm Hex, 0.375 in. Hex
    • Core Material: Polycarbonate
    • Diameter: 1 in.
    • Durometer: 35A (Green), 40A (Orange), 50A (Blue), 60A (Black)
    • Tread Material: TPU
    • Weight: 0.022 lbs
    • Width: 1 in.

    #25 Connecting Link for Roller Chain

    (En stock)

    #25 Connecting Link (Master Link) 


    • Material: Steel
    • Style: Roller Chain - Spring Clip
    • Type: Connecting Link
    • Size: #25
    • Pitch: 0.250 inch
    • Weight: 0.01 lbs

    24 Tooth 0.5 in. Hex Bore 5 mm HTD 18 mm Wide Aluminum Pulley


    This robust 5mm HTD 18mm wide aluminum pulley is a lightweight motion component thoughtfully designed specifically for FIRST Robotics Competition robots. It features a lightweight 2024 aluminum core, made from our 24 Tooth Aluminum Pulley Stock. Unlike other products on the market, this pulley uses super strong steel flanges that are formed onto the pulley body instead of using a traditional press fit or crimps for maximum flange retention and durability. This pulley has small bosses on each side that allow them to be installed against an FR8ZZ Round or FR8ZZ Hex bearing without rubbing on the outer races for smooth operation. 

    This version of the pulley supports either two 9mm wide belts or one 15mm wide belt




    • Belt Profile: 5 mm pitch HTD timing belt
    • Bore: 0.5 in. Hex
    • Flange Diameter: 1.63 in.
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Outside Diameter: 1.46 in.
    • Pitch Diameter: 1.504 in.
    • Teeth: 24
    • Weight: 0.119 lbs
    • Width: 0.8 in.